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Summary: A primal human that pefers the woods than towns.

Jack Evens

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Gender: Male

Age: 42

Group: Non Residents

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Skilled hunter, skilled in hand to hand combat, knows the woods like the back of his hand, strong enough to break bones with his bare hands, and is super tough, like he's that guy you punch in the face and his head moves slightly, but of course a kick in the nuts still hurts like crap.

Physical Appearance

Has a large muscular build, and stands a height of 7'2
Wears his bone armor almost all the time, has filed his teeth into sharp fangs. Has purple eyes.

Personality and interests

He isn't a type of guy you would want to be with, but he isn't really a bad guy, though he is a bit more primal than most people. He keeps quiet and barely speaks to others unless confronted by someone who won't leave him alone. He likes to hunt animals like people of ancient times did.


Jack used to be a normal hunter before the apocalypse hit, a solar flare hit his home town and effected his brain turning him from a normal man into a very primal human being, he stays in the woods and is know as the bone man.


Likes: Hunting, fighting, and food.

Dislikes: annoying things, cowards, people being a nuisance.


His gift causes him to have great senses, such greater eye sight, sensitive hearing, a keen sense of smell, and can taste things others can not. Problem with this gift is that loud noises disorient him, bright lights give him migraines, stinky things make him gag or throw up depending how bad it smell and certain foods cause him to faint, throw up, and have migraines

Moderator Notes

Just a reminder, if he has a gift, his eyes are violet; everyone who is enhanced has that eye color. If he's wearing contacts, thats cool, but please mention it if he is. Otherwise, purple eyes. Anyways, welcome to the game. Oh, and you can delete this if you want.

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