Fill Me In

"I don't like to ride horses, I guess Jonah thought that another girl would make for a better teacher. As for living here, well obviously its beautiful... and safe I suppose. Jonah sort of rescued me from some bikers a few months ago. Now he thinks I owe him which... I guess.. maybe I do. There's just something about him though. Something... sinister. Like when he's gone I keep thinking he's a bad person, I have doubts and I don't want to stay... but as soon as he comes around me all of those feelings go away. It creeps me out a little. What about you?"

"I know what you mean.. Why do I feel like he is over there plotting something sinister right now?" She watched Jonah and the sentry part ways. Part of her wished to follow them to see what they were doing, what they had plotted.

She chose instead to stay with Cassandra, regardless of the bad vibes she was getting. "Well, what would you like to learn first? Are you familiar with your tack? What about basic riding?" She frowned. "Mr. Jonah never informed me of what your current knowledge is, just that you needed help. So why don't you fill me in on what you do know about horses, and I will help with what you don't?"

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