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Summary: A wannabe hero nerd looking to validate his life

The Chameleon (Jack Squat)

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Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Wannabe Heroes




College student
Computer nerd


Wannabe hero
Social recluse
Computer nerd


Camouflage: he has the ability to blend in with his surroundings.
Acrobatic Skill: he can jump from wall to wall with relative ease.
Wall-Climbing: the tips of his fingers and toes have adhesive, allowing him to climb on vertical platforms.

Complicated Patterns: as spectacular as his powers are, he is unable to replicate such patterns as plaid or bricks.
Afraid of being shot and will run and hide when guns are fired

Physical Appearance

Short black messy hair, brown eyes, skinny tanned body and a girly voice when nervous.

Jack is a plan looking nerdy guys with little prospects in life.

Personality and Interests

Even though he is a computer nerd he has little to offer any potential girlfriend and is never invited to any social events. As a Wannabe hero he is trying to be more.


Jack Squat was born a typical loser. His mother left him at the hospital and ran off with the doctor who delivered Jack. His father became depressed but continued his boring life and included Jack for the important stuff like food and school. Jack grew up as a joke because of his last name in combination of being poor. His poor father was the same and only got married to Jack's mother because she was drunk and got pregnant with Jack. She soon left them for the doctor who delivered poor Jack into the world.

Jack being an introvert like his father became a computer nerd and hung out with other nerds in school, but had no real true friendships. During a school trip to a science convention he was bitten by a Chameleon. Unknown to others the Chameleon had escaped the lab of some illegal animal testing and before it died it infected Jack with some super powers.

By luck and some accidents Jack learned he could climb walls and blend in with the environment like a Chameleon, but unlike Spiderman he had no super strength. Hoping to be more than a lonely nerd, Jack made a costume and decided to become a hero, but instead he fell into the "Wannabe Hero" crowd. Oddly enough it was his first time making friends.

Favourite Sayings

Red, Indigo, Brick!
Can't... do... plaid!

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Image of The Chameleon (Jack Squat)
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