Image of Blue Tooth aka Billy Motorola (NPC)

Summary: A computer nerd using his skills for good

Blue Tooth aka Billy Motorola (NPC)

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Wannabe Heroes




Computer Programmer for ABC Gaming Corp.
College Grad in Tech


Computer Engineer


Created a software that lets him connect to most computers in the world.

Physically weak

Physical Appearance

Bald, light skin, blue eyes, 5'10" and skinny
Went bald in high school

Personality and Interests

He is a somewhat charming nerd. Sadly he is not popular with the ladies no matter how hard he tries. He is a big computer and gaming nerd.


Born a smart student he was gifted in learning computers better than average. Sadly it was the only thing he was good at as he was a nerd all his life.

Favourite Sayings

I was going to jump in but I took an arrow to the knee in my last fight.

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Image of Blue Tooth aka Billy Motorola (NPC)
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