Image of Doctor Gravity aka Sam Keers (NPC)

Summary: A nerdy professor trying to make a difference

Doctor Gravity aka Sam Keers (NPC)

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Wannabe Heroes




Physics Professor for online college courses at a local community college


Dr. of Physics
Professor of Physics


He has a Weapon which he calls the Zero-G Device, which apparently can levitate anything with the press of a button, which he later reveals to be a baseball bat rapped in Tin-Foil.
He later gains a new one, which when he presses a button spikes pop out of the sides.

Just a human with a bat

Physical Appearance

Dark skin, bald head, brown eyes, 5'10" and muscular build from basketball

Personality and Interests

He is a nerd who had enough of criminals ruining his fun days and is fighting back. He loves science and video games. Sadly he is still single due to the few dates he could get were ruined by criminals robbing the places and shooting up the places he wanted to take his dates.


Doctor Gravity is a physics professor online, though his gravity weapon turns out to be false when he goes on patrol with others. He goes on to claim that his bat is really a device that can change the gravity of any object, only to quickly reveal it's a baseball bat wrapped in tinfoil.

Favourite Sayings

Its smashy time!

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Image of Doctor Gravity aka Sam Keers (NPC)
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