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Summary: After the fall, Max decided that his calling is the restore the world to its proper order.

Nifty Peregrine Stingray

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Group: Wannabe Heroes


America of Hawaiian ancestry


High School student who works part-time in the family bookstore


High School Freshman, Apprentice Bookseller
Stingray is his secret identity; in the real world, his name is Maximilian Bookworth or Max to his friends.


Max believes that he has the latent power to fly and project energy beams, but these powers have yet to manifest. In the real world, he has a fair amount of book learning and is skilled in academic research.

Physical Appearance

short and skinny with facial acne

Personality and Interests

Max is most at home in the water when swimming and surfing. He is trusting to the point of gullibility and so optimistic that he is teetering on the verge of delusional.


Max is an Army brat so the family moved every year.

Favourite Sayings

I can fix that! Life is better after a swim!

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Image of Nifty Peregrine Stingray
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