Image of Professor Mind-Blast AKA Fred Krueger

Summary: Krueger is a good guy. A bit full of himself, but a good guy

Professor Mind-Blast AKA Fred Krueger

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Wannabe Heroes






No rank or title


Can move things with his mind... one inch. No more. There are some very subtle uses for his power that he's discovered over the years. He doesn't have to see it to move it, but he does have to know it's there. Also, anything already in motion immediately looses its momentum when he mind-blasts it.

Physical Appearance

Average height. Lean. Wears a fedora and steampunk goggles. Cannot bring himself to cover up his signature mustache- the likes of which nearly count as second super power. It's perfection is such that heroes and villains alike stair in awe and wonder.

Personality and Interests

Krueger is a good guy. A bit full of himself, but a good guy. Also a bit of a man-whore, but a good guy.



Favourite Sayings

Into the output port!

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Image of Professor Mind-Blast AKA Fred Krueger
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