The Chameleon

It has been six months since the end of the big war between the super heroes and the super villains. The cities around the world were still recovering and rebuilding the damage caused from both sides. Many people are still suffering from loosing important friends and family along with homes, jobs, companies and schools. To aid the students who could not attend school the government issues laptops to the families so they students could go to school online. Jack Squat was one of the few who recently graduated from the online high school. Even though everyone passed that year, it was very uneventful since there were no school activities.

Of course Jack noticed his social life didn't change much since he was greatly ignored all through high school. However there was one big change in his life though. Since the school had little in the way of aiding the students in extracurricular activities they allowed some companies invite the smarter students to Expos from various industries. Jack managed to get invited to a science expo and was rather eager to attend. Oddly enough while he was on the tour he was bitten a mutant lizard that fell from above and down his shirt. The lizard died quickly and turned into goo before Jack could grasp what happened. Later that night he got sick and had the flu for a good week.

When Jack recovered he discovered his hands and feet kept sticking to other things and then his skin would change colors. This freaked him out for quite some time till he was able to wrap his head around it. In time he figured out he had super powers, only not as cool as the late Justice Man who was his city's greatest hero. Jack could now climb walls and blend in with his environment like a Chameleon. Seeing as he still had some time till he started college at the local community college, he decided to check out the hot spots for the new and upcoming heroes.


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