Someone like us.

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Jack: Ummm.....camouflage and wall crawling.
Jack then got close to one of the spare obstacle course foam walls and blended in with the color. He was practically invisible till he moved and all they could see was a hint of his ghostly shape. Then he undid his camouflage and spoke up.
Jack: So what do you guys think?

“Awesome!” Conner exclaimed, on the verge of nerding out. After a lifetime of hiding his powers from the world, he was very excited to be around people like him and his sister. People who get what it’s like to hide, and still want to help the people around them with their gifts. He was a bit of a loner at school. He exchanged niceties with classmates and teachers, but, when people weren’t gossiping about his awkwardly long handshakes, or occasionally making nice out of fear of Astrid, he was left alone most of the time.

Even Astrid was excited at the prospect of friends she didn’t have to hide around. She almost laughed at the realization that, yes, she and Conner didn’t have to hide their power, but they still had to hide their identities. She wasn't exactly popular, and didn't have any really close friends. She could be a bit boring according to teenage rules, what time she didn't spend training for her future in the military, she spent hanging out with her baby brother. But she was sociable, almost sweet, and her classmates knew who to go to if they needed something. She pushed the thoughts away as the young telepath continued speaking.

“You’d rule at stealth missions!” He stated, Astrid agreeing. “Anyway, sis here has a sixth sense when it comes to supers. She senses great power in you, that’s why we came over so suddenly. That and you’re the only other one who passed the test.”

Astrid allowed her brother to fudge the truth a little. If she had really sensed Great, power in him, she would have doubled over in pain like she had with The Iron Butterfly and Jack frost. But, he had certainly given her enough pain to be noticeable.

“I can read your mind if I touch you, just the top layer of thoughts though.” Conner informed. “How long have you had your powers? We’ve had ours our whole lives.” The telepath talked fast, his sister staying quiet for the time being. Conner knew she could be a bit standoffish when she was still flushing someone out. Preferring first to observe how they interacted with others, especially Conner, for a little while. Though she couldn’t help the small smile of reassurance she offered the boy, noticing he sounded a little nervous.


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