Power Test

“Awesome!” Conner exclaimed, on the verge of nerding out. After a lifetime of hiding his powers from the world, he was very excited to be around people like him and his sister. People who get what it’s like to hide, and still want to help the people around them with their gifts. He was a bit of a loner at school. He exchanged niceties with classmates and teachers, but, when people weren’t gossiping about his awkwardly long handshakes, or occasionally making nice out of fear of Astrid, he was left alone most of the time.

Jack felt a sense of relief to meet others with powers as opposed to many of the others around who just wanted to dress up and look cool while failing the obstacle course. Since his accident he was conflicted by feeling cool and being a freak in the eyes of the public. Of course he still wished he had an offensive power since all his powers were good for were hiding an spying on others. He was hoping that Iron Butterfly could train him into a tough guy in the near future. Looking at the sibling combo he wondered if they would be working on the same team in the future. By working as a team they could fill in for their weaknesses.

Even Astrid was excited at the prospect of friends she didn’t have to hide around. She almost laughed at the realization that, yes, she and Conner didn’t have to hide their power, but they still had to hide their identities. She wasn't exactly popular, and didn't have any really close friends. She could be a bit boring according to teenage rules, what time she didn't spend training for her future in the military, she spent hanging out with her baby brother. But she was sociable, almost sweet, and her classmates knew who to go to if they needed something. She pushed the thoughts away as the young telepath continued speaking.

Jack had a good feeling about the two in front of him and wondered if there were others who would pass the tests that Iron Butterfly and Jack Frost set up. So far the failure rate was pretty high since many of the participants were not really cut out for hero work.

“You’d rule at stealth missions!” He stated, Astrid agreeing. “Anyway, sis here has a sixth sense when it comes to supers. She senses great power in you, that’s why we came over so suddenly. That and you’re the only other one who passed the test.”

Jack smiled as he blushed under his green mask. He glad he could hide his expressions behind his mask. It made conversations a lot easier since he could hide his emotion and he felt a bit of confidence.

Jack: Yeah. Thanks. That's a cool power for sensing supers. Sadly I am still lacking on the offensive part. I was hoping Iron Butterfly can train me a bit. Before I got my powers I was not into sports and stuff.

Astrid allowed her brother to fudge the truth a little. If she had really sensed Great, power in him, she would have doubled over in pain like she had with The Iron Butterfly and Jack frost. But, he had certainly given her enough pain to be noticeable.

Jack scratched his head a bit as he looked around to see if anyone else passed the obstacle course. Sadly he saw a few more fail as they fell into the water. Many others watching, laughed at them as they were trying to get out of the cold water. Jack was glad he didn't fail since he would have run home crying if they laughed at him.

“I can read your mind if I touch you, just the top layer of thoughts though.” Conner informed. “How long have you had your powers? We’ve had ours our whole lives.” The telepath talked fast, his sister staying quiet for the time being. Conner knew she could be a bit standoffish when she was still flushing someone out. Preferring first to observe how they interacted with others, especially Conner, for a little while. Though she couldn’t help the small smile of reassurance she offered the boy, noticing he sounded a little nervous.

Jack didn't want to sound like a total loser so he left some details out of the story since they were sad and depressing and he didn't want to looked down on.

Jack: Well during a school trip to a science convention I was bitten by a some kind of mutated Chameleon. By luck and some weird mishaps I learned I could climb walls and blend in with the environment like a Chameleon. At first I thought I was like that spider guy who died he, but I didn't get any super strength. I had to do a lot of trial and error to figure out my powers and then by chance I saw the flyer so I made a costume and here we are.

Jack was hoping that was a decent background story for the siblings. He didn't want to sound to cool or to pathetic so he aimed for the middle ground. After seeing that they had limited powers like him he felt a bit more confident.

Jack: From the gossip I heard the ones who pass the tests will get to talk to Iron Butterfly and Jack Frost as they assign us to teams and then train us. It would be cool if we got to be on the same team huh?

Just them a cute female clerk approached Jack, Astrid and Conner as she checked their ID's before talking to them.

Clerk: Hello I am Becca. I am with the organization here and we are rounding up the current heroes that have been selected for the next round which is an interview with Iron Butterfly and Jack Frost. So if you are still interested please follow me.

Jack nodded and looked at Astrid and Conner as he shrugged.

Jack: I guess we follow her.

After following the clerk they arrived in am empty warehouse and saw a few other heroes in there including a tall nerdy dark man (Mini-Man) who looked like he could play basket ball, a bald guy (Blue Tooth) in a blue suit and yellow top hat as well as several others in costume. Before the hero wannabes was a table and behind was Iron Butterfly and Jack Frost sitting behind it. Iron Butterfly was smoking a cigarette and Jack Frost was in a cold bio suit to keep himself from melting.

The two heroes looked at them with a discerning eye as thy read a few papers. Then they spoke up and called the tall nerdy dark man called Mini-Man who looked like he could play basket ball to demonstrate his powers. Mini-Man then pulled out some clothes designed for a Ken Doll and put them in his shirt pocket. Then he nodded at the two heroes before he touched his neck and quickly shrunk down to the size of a Ken doll. He quickly put on the Ken doll tracksuit while covered up by the large set of clothes he was wearing before.

Mini-Man: As you can see I shrink.

Iron Butterfly: How long do you stay like that?

Mini-Man: About fifteen minutes.

Iron Butterfly: I see

Iron Butterfly wrote on her notes and whispered to Jack who grunted and nodded a bit. Then looked at Mini-Man as she blew smoke up in the air.

Iron Butterfly: Ok thanks. We will contact you. Next!

Next was a bald guy (Blue Tooth) in a blue suit and yellow top hat.

Blue Tooth: Hello I am Blue Tooth.

Iron Butterfly: Okay show us your powers.

Blue Tooth then pulled out his phone and tapped on it a bit. Suddenly everyone's cell phone began beeping to play a vintage song.

Song on Phones

Everyone was rather shocked to see their phones light up as they played the same song of Mario Brother's video game. Iron Butterfly looked at her phone then the others before she looked at Jack Frost and spoke up.

Iron Butterfly: So you can tap into technology?

Blue Tooth: Yes ma'am. My tech can help me access just about any computer .

Iron Butterfly nodded then made a few notes before she spoke up.

Iron Butterfly: Ok thanks. We will contact you. Next!

Jack then stepped up and spoke up as he was somewhat nervous.

Jack: I'm the Chameleon.

Iron Butterfly: Okay show us your powers.

Jack then walked over to the wall and began to climb it with ease before he blended in with the wall and became invisible. Then he moved a bit and he could barely be seen.

Iron Butterfly: I see...... any other skills?

Jack climbed down and undid his camouflage before he spoke up.

Jack: No ma'am.

Iron Butterfly whispered to Jack frost again and they nodded a bit before they looked at Jack.

Iron Butterfly: Ok thanks. We will contact you. Next!

Iron Butterfly then looked at Astrid.

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