A winded Miles approached the talking group. Guess you all passed?" he asked them, slightly to loud. Realizing that he took out the ear phones he had on. "Sorry. My power works better with controlled distractions. Rather then the random day to day noise."

"Did I hear you say you could read minds by touching?" he ask Astrid, "Hope they team you up with someone who can stop a person from moving." Miles said, "Sorry..." he said "That came out way more rude than I meant for it to. I was just meaning that it would help if you could subdue the bad guy."

Astrid's name was called and Miles turned to Jack. "Really messed that up." he mumbled. "Miles Sentry by the way." he said. "What's your little gift?" he asked Jack. "I can sense danger, but only to my own well being and doesn't mean I can react. Bullets are fast."

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