Why won't I shut up.

"Sorry, I have to keep my mind going sometimes especially in big groups. My power sometimes does a bit to far." he explained. "I've taken to calling it "Danger Sense" this little tingle at the back of my head when I am either in danger or something dangerous is going to happen. Though, some times that's not as helpful as it sounds. It doesn't really tell me what the danger is, and not always with enough time to do much about it." Miles went on. "Like a sixth sense without out the speed or reflexes to act on it. Though I am working on that, it will never be super human but could be better than a normal human if I train."

He slapped his forehead. "Sorry. I'm rambling. I've just only met one other person with powers, and talking to other people with them is a bit of a trip and I don't know when to stop talking sometimes. Though it's usually more in the form of quips."

All the while Miles could feel that tingle in his head, telling him in vain that he was in danger of looking like a stark raving crazy idiot.

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