Day 1 Of Training

Jack dropped his jaw at that comment but of course no one could see his facial expression behind his mask. However it would not take a psychic to guess that Miles had a rather large slip of the tongue. Jack looked at the siblings to see what they were going to say. Then iron Butterfly spoke up to interrupt them.

Butterfly: Next is The Identifier.

Astrid's name was called and Miles turned to Jack. "Really messed that up." he mumbled. "Miles Sentry by the way." he said. "What's your little gift?" he asked Jack. "I can sense danger, but only to my own well being and doesn't mean I can react. Bullets are fast."

Jack was still a bit caught off guard by Miles odd manner of talking. He wondered what kind of job Miles would have since he seemed to be struggling with his conversation.

Jack: Ummmm........ I can camouflage like a lizard and climb walls?

Jack sounded a bit unsure of himself since he was still confused. He was not sure about Miles yet he found himself still talking out of nervousness.

Jack and you are?

Iron Butterfly: Next is "Splendid".

"Sorry, I have to keep my mind going sometimes especially in big groups. My power sometimes goes a bit to far." he explained. "I've taken to calling it "Danger Sense" this little tingle at the back of my head when I am either in danger or something dangerous is going to happen. Though, some times that's not as helpful as it sounds. It doesn't really tell me what the danger is, and not always with enough time to do much about it." Miles went on. "Like a sixth sense without out the speed or reflexes to act on it. Though I am working on that, it will never be super human but could be better than a normal human if I train."

Jack listened to Miles talk about his powers as he noticed Miles could talk a long time without breathing. However is was cool that he had perception powers since sensing danger was pretty cool. Ironically poor Jack was in the same boat as Miles in that his powers didn't help much in the combat department. Then he noticed that Iron Butterfly and Jack Frost were also listening with obvious disinterest and they looked at Miles and the rest of the group. Iron Butterfly simply smoked her cigarettes in her vintage golden cigarette holder and blew the smoke up as she glanced at the paperwork before her. Jack Frost on the other hand had the expression of a frozen human being just pulled out of a meat locker and stuffed into a bio-suit, as he barely moved unless it was to talk to Iron Butterfly. Then Miles must have gotten the message as he reacted.

He slapped his forehead. "Sorry. I'm rambling. I've just only met one other person with powers, and talking to other people with them is a bit of a trip and I don't know when to stop talking sometimes. Though it's usually more in the form of quips."

Iron Butterfly and Jack Frost looked at each other as they whispered to each other and gave a few nods, before going back to their positions. Jack was feeling a bit nervous since the few people who made it passed the first test called the obstacle course where still barely qualified to be side kicks among heroes like the retired Iron Butterfly and Jack Frost.

All the while Miles could feel that tingle in his head, telling him in vain that he was in danger of looking like a stark raving crazy idiot.

Iron Butterfly: Thank you Splendid.

Iron Butterfly and Jack Frost then flipped their page to the next person who was the Protector. Apparently he used a bat for fighting as a vigilante and seemed to have a lot of emotional baggage. Then they called for Stingray who believed that he has the latent power to fly and project energy beams, but these powers have yet to manifest. So spent his time training his mind in a book store. The reaction Iron Butterfly and Jack Frost gave him was one of major disappointment as they went to the next person in line.

After the interviews were over the potential heroes were asked to wait for a bit.
Then after another hour they were brought back to talk to Iron Butterfly and Jack Frost about job placement. Jack Frost sat silently as Iron Butterfly gave them her speech. Sadly her mannish voice was still disturbing when matched with her model like body.

Iron Butterfly: Welcome to the next stage you Wannabes. This is the part where we train you as a team to see who can make it into the big leagues and who will cry home to mama.

Iron Butterfly took a puff of smoke and blew it up in the air.

Iron Butterfly: During this training we will attempt to bring out any hidden talents you might have or reveal that this is as far as you go. Truth be told we am not expecting much from any of you at this point, however since the death of all the heroes the bar has been lowered considerably. So now we have a lot of positions to fill and you are all we have to work with. If I hurt your feelings, it just means that you are not cut out for this kind of gig. Hurt feelings is nothing compared to getting shot at by gang members, stabbed, beaten, humiliated and so on. Keep your masks on at all times and hide your identities or the gangs will go after your families.

Iron Butterfly took a puff of smoke and blew it up in the air. Then Jack mumbled to her.

Iron Butterfly: Oh yeah. Training begins tomorrow so fill in you availability schedule so we can schedule when to train you outside of work and school. Bring your A game tomorrow and I better not hear any excuses. Oh and you (pointing at Jack.) Chameleon. I want to have a word with you after this.

After Iron Butterflies speech the heroes in training got in line to fill out the schedule for training availabilities. Jack thanked Miles, Conner and Astrid before he went to talk to Iron Butterfly separately. Feeling nervous about being a hero and looking at Iron Butterfly in her revealing suit was hard for him as his eyes followed her cleavage.

Iron Butterfly: Eyes up here kid.

Jack looked at her eyes as he was a nervous wreck. iron Butterfly had a serious look on her face as she blew smoke up in the air from the corner of her mouth.

Jack: Yes ma'am.

Iron Butterfly: You still in high school?

Jack: No I just graduated.

Iron Butterfly: Got a job, girl friend or family you need to worry about?

Jack: No ma'am. Just me and my single parent. We don't talk much. So i am free to train.

Iron Butterfly: Good. Pull out your phone and give it to me so I can add my number.

Jack nervously pulled out his phone and opened it up for Iron Butterfly so she could record her phone number and instead of a name she had a metal butterfly logo. She then gave it back to Jack as she had a serious look on her face.

Iron Butterfly: I will be contacting you for additional training since you have more time. If you can get stronger, you will be able to use your powers better.

Jack: Ys ma'am. Will I meet here?

Iron Butterfly: No. I will text you the time and locations. Be there in your suit and make sure you are not followed. Consider that part of your training.

Jack: Yes ma'am.

Iron Butterfly then asked a few more personal questions from Jack before sending him to add his info to the schedule. Then Jack was free along with the others to leave or keep watching as the next batch of wannabes tried to earn an interview. Sadly there were a lot of failures right off the bat and some even complained that the test was to hard. Jack then went home in disguise as he was camouflaged the entire time as part of his training. When dinner came he quietly ate a frozen microwave meal with his father. As usual they barely spoke to each other since the dad was to depressed with his life. After dinner Jack worked out in his room to get stronger. Then he showered and went to bed.

The next day he woke up at 5 am in the morning to his phone going off. After he clumsily answered his phone, he realized it was Iron Butterfly who told him his training was beginning. He needed to put on his costume grabbed some snacks, his phone and run ten miles while in camouflage to his training location and be there by 6 am. Jack was shocked by request at the wee hours of the morning. However he knew better than to defy the Iron Butterfly as he stumbled out of bed and made his way to his bathroom to wash up. Then he put on his suit and left the house in camo mode. Seeing as he was not going to make it in time by running he ran to the nearby metro bus and used his wall crawling power to hitch a ride from behind.

The bus ride was mildly pleasant, but it did take some effort for Jack to remain in camo mode the entire trip. Sadly the bus was not going to his destination so he had to jump off at a red light and hitch a ride on a nearby garbage truck. At this point Jack was torn between the horrid smell of the garbage truck and having to run several miles to arrive on time. Once again he was forced to get off the truck since it was changing directions. At this point Jack was over halfway there and began to jog till he was able to hitch a ride on a semi truck. With the exception of the bugs hitting his face it was a lot better than the garbage truck ride.

Then he finally reached the last mile of his trip as he jumped off the semi truck trailer into the grass. He checked his phone GPS for the directions and set out on foot while still in camo mode. Then he walked towards a construction company. The last mile didn't seem so bad as he had time to spare as he could walk the last mile in fifteen minutes. As he looked at the time it was now 5:30 am., as he felt proud he was early.

As he arrived at the construction site he saw no one was there and figured he was early. Hoping to show off he stayed in camo mode and sneak in. Sadly he was getting a bit tired and it took a lot of concentration to stay in camo mode. Once he entered the building he saw it was full of construction supplies and dirt. At this point his defenses were down and he failed to notice the laser motion sensors as he set off a net trap under his feet. Jack was then quickly hoisted up by the net and captured like a complete amateur. Now he was completely visible as he lost his focus. Then he saw red several laser beams pointing at him causing him to panic. After a minute the flustered Jack heard Iron Butterfly make a snarky comment about him failing the first test and to always keep his guard up. This was lesson number one as she lectured him before letting him down and beginning his training.

Iron Butterfly now made Jack stay in camo mode as he climbed the wall and did a lot of push ups and sit up without falling. Jack was very afraid to upset Iron Butterfly as he struggled to push his weak body to its limits. Eventually he reached his limit and fell into a pile of dirt with a thud. Then Iron Butterfly smoked her cigarette and blew the smoke up before she told him he could rest for now and when he wakes up he will do it again. Jack was breathing heavy as his eyes got heavy and he passed out.

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