Mission 1

Fast forward 1 Month-------

Jack woke up in pain as he realized he was home again. He was slowly recalling the intense and painful training he had to endure with the others under Iron Butterfly and Jack Frost. They gave them some insane training and many times they thought they were going to die. Jack winced as he rolled out of bed and looked into the mirror while in his boxers. Even though it hurt he could see his muscles were becoming more defined compared to before his powers. He smiled for a moment till the pain kicked in again.

After breakfast with his his dad he snuck out to meet with Iron Butterfly for more training. He was wearing his Chameleon costume now and using his camouflage to blend in as he ran. On the way to see her his mind was filled with many thoughts about her. She was very beautiful and strong, but her manly voice made him question if the rumors of her being a guy or getting an organ transplant with a baboon was true. The only real logical rumor was the fact that she was a chain smoker. To be honest he never saw her without a smoke in her hands. After traveling a good ways to meet the Iron Butterfly he found her alone and annoyed.

Chameleon: Am I late?

Iron Butterfly: As a matter of fact yes.

Chameleon: Huh? But I am early like usual. Where are the others?

Iron Butterfly: They are training under Jack Frost today. Today you and I will be doing mission training.

Chameleon: Cool.

Iron Butterfly gave him a condescending look as she blew out her smoke from her ciggy. Shen then told him to hold still and stay quiet as she picked him up and flew him to their destination. Chameleon was very shocked by being dangled high above the ground while having Iron Butterflies' chest pressed against the back of his head. it was a soothing and scary feeling mixed into one. Eventually they arrived on top of a building and she set Chameleon down. Then she attached a camera to Chameleon's forehead and an earwig speaker to his ear before she synced them to her smartphone.

Chameleon: What is that?

Iron Butterfly: A camera so we can capture some evidence.

Chameleon: From who?

Iron Butterfly: The crime boss who lives here. All you have to do is crawl on the side of the building and find the guy I tell you to watch and I'll record his action with this device.

Chameleon was very nervous but since it was just spying it was not as dangerous as fighting criminals. So he sighed as he did the bidding of his instructor. The wall climbing was easy and so was his blending to a brick wall. He had been practicing that for a good month so he felt confident in his skills now. The first window was empty so he moved over to the next one and saw a few drugged up women that were barely clothed still sleeping. Chameleon found himself staring at them a bit to long till her heard the manly voice of Iron Butterfly telling to stop being a perv and move onto the next window. So Chameleon did as he was told and there he found the crime boss on the phone yelling and screaming about his illegal business.

Apparently he was getting pressure from his boss and was loosing support from his supplies, minions and his sales were ruined by the cops and competition. He was ready to go to war with his competition as he turned red in the face and was spitting in his hate on the phone. Then the person on the phone stopped talking while confused the crime lord as he tried to see if he was disconnected. Then the door busted open several members of the Brain Boppers came rushing in and bum rushed the crime lord till he was beaten badly. Then they slowly dangled the crime lord out the window under Chameleon. So poor Chameleon was forced to watch the crime lord beg for mercy while soiling himself and dangling from the window.

This freaked Chameleon out seriously to the point he had the urge to toss his cookies right then and there, but he held it in. It was a short experience for to watch even though it felt like forever as he watched them drop the crime lord out the window. He could not forget the face the crime lord made as he was falling from the ten story building to the sidewalk below. Then Brain Boppers complained about getting urine on their shirts as they escaped back through the door. Chameleon then crawled back up the building to the side and once he was safe he pulled up his mast to purge his stomach in a corner. He was shocked by what he saw. Iron Butterfly seemed unfazed by this as she tried to sort of console him while watching her recorded video.

Iron Butterfly: Try no to dwell on it so much rookie. That guy was a piece of garbage. he had it coming.

Chameleon: (barf) I....i....i know but is it always like that? So violent?

Iron Butterfly: Sometimes. Do keep in mind they are criminals and will fight themselves for their idea of make believe power. In the end they are just garbage living a lie. Most don't even realize they can't ever reach retirement since they will get killed before that.

Chameleon: I guess......

Iron Butterfly: So you plan on quitting already?

Chameleon: No.........I was caught off guard by that.

Iron Butterfly: Good. If you can get over this you might have a chance in this field.

Then Iron Butterfly dropped Chameleon off back at the base as she uploaded the video online to the police system so they could handle it. It was to soon for Chameleon to capture criminal yet, so making him doing spy work was more ideal for now. She wondered if he would make the cut in the long run as he was resting and sipping a sports drink.


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