Aw, Rats! (Pt. 1)

Ratcliff was walking circles in the park, trying to get in enough steps to hatch his eggs on Pokemon Go. The 17-year-old was so engrossed in his phone that he didn't see the piece of trash being blown through the air until it hit him smack in the face.

He peeled the paper off his face, turned it around and realized it was a flyer... from the League of Heroes! And they were recruiting! It didn't even matter that he didn't have any professional training, because they would train him! How awesome was that?

Ratcliff pumped a fist in the air and cheered, gaining a few weird looks from passersby, then suddenly deflated when he realized he didn't have a costume. Eh, he could probably throw something together something at home, right?

He hurried home with a sprint in his step. When he opened the front door, he announced his presence and tried to find another family member in the house. He found his mother in the kitchen doing something with the oven. "Hey, Mom! We still have that old trunk of Halloween costumes, right?"

She looked over her shoulder as she put a cookie sheet in the oven. "Uh, yes? It's probably somewhere in the attic. Why--"

"Okay-thanks-love-you-bye!" Ratcliff dashed out of the room. Then he dashed back, grabbed a couple of (still VERY hot, actually) cookies from one of the pans, then ran back out again.

He tossed the cookies between his hands (hot hot hot hot OUCH hot) as he walked up the stairs. By the time he reached the attic, they had cooled off enough to stuff in his face so he wouldn't get his cookies dusty while he put together his superhero costume. He was so excited. He was going to be a superhero!

After digging through boxes of tangled Christmas lights, old furniture, and a bunch of other random junk, Ratcliff finally found the trunk he was looking for. He pried the lid open, coughing as it stirred a bunch of dust into the air, then started digging through the old Halloween costumes his family had hoarded over the years.

"Hmm, a clown mask? Too creepy. The front half of a horse? But who would be the other half? A pink ballerina tutu? Not my color." Ratcliff pulled out a bundle of white fabric. "Ah-ha!" In his hands was a white lab coat. His stepfather had dressed up as a mad scientist when he was a kid. His mother had been worried that it would hit a little too close to home for Ratcliff, considering his bio-father and all, but he'd LOVED it. So had every other kid in the neighborhood.

He shook out the wrinkles and tried it on over his black t-shirt. To his surprise, it fit like a glove! Or like a lab coat. Actually, they probably still had the rest of the costume somewhere around here--

Ratcliff spent the next few minutes pulling out some more accessories; a pair of long black rubber gloves that nearly reached his elbow; steampunk-like goggles; black lace-up boots; and a streaky grey and white wig that stood straight up. Well, if he was wearing the lab coat, might as well use the whole costume, right? The gloves would protect his hands, the goggles would protect his eyes and double as a mask to protect his identity, and the boots just plain looked cool. He'd forego the wig... for now.

He put his hands on his hips and stared into an old dusty floor-length mirror and smiled. He looked... Well, he actually looked a bit more like a crazed scientist villain than a superhero, but after checking his watch he realized that it was almost 9 and he didn't have time to hunt down another costume. This would just have to do.

Ratcliff walked back down the stairs and called out, "Hey Mom, I'm going to a friend's house for dinner! I love you! Bye!"

Ratcliff hurried across town and managed to make it to the old stadium at exactly 9. It was already pretty crowded, and he started to feel anxious. He hadn't really thought this out. What good was his superpower? Being able to turn into a little mouse was a neat party trick, but what use would it be in battle? He guessed he could squeeze into small spaces, but all these people probably had way cooler powers. What if the League of Heroes turned him down?

He stood at the doors and contemplated just cutting his losses and going back home, but... he was already here, right? What was the worst they could do, tell him no?

Actually, yeah, that was the worst they could do, and the rejection would probably hurt. A lot. But at least he'd get to meet some heroes, right?

Making a quick decision, he started walking toward the registration desk before he could change his mind.

(OOC: Hi! This got kinda long so I decided to split it up into two posts. I just got very excited, haha. After I get my character introduced I’ll try to keep my posts shorter.)

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