Aw, Rats! (Pt. 2)

The people at the desk looked a little confused at his costume, but they quickly brushed it off. Ratcliff figured they'd already seen a bunch of weird stuff today anyway. Then they asked him to show off his powers, to which Ratcliff had to awkwardly explain that there was a cooldown time on his powers, and he'd be stuck in his "other form" for a few minutes until he could switch back to a human.

Then he closed his eyes, relaxed... and shrunk into a mouse.

After a few minutes (during which he was almost stepped on by another Wannabe Hero trying to register, and someone had to pick him up and put him on the table to avoid repeat incidents) they dubbed him the Lab Rat and gave him an ID card.

Lab Rat. The moniker was more fitting than they'd ever know.

Then there was a speech by the Iron Butterfly (THE! Iron! Butterfly!) that he was pretty sure was supposed to be motivational but really just kinda died off at the end. He clapped anyway to be polite, but since he was the only one that did, he got some strange looks. He just smiled at them awkwardly.

Then they were shown the Ninja Warrior obstacle course! It was so cool, it looked like something out of his video games. Ratcliff... wasn't out of shape, but he also wasn't a star athlete either, so he was a bit worried about making a fool of himself.

He stood off to the side and watched people try the obstacle course for a while. On the rare occasion that someone actually passed, Ratcliff whooped and cheered for them, and took notes.

After a while he felt confident enough to try it out for himself. He might have to go slow, but he thought he had somewhat of a good shot of passing. He’d just pretend the floor was lava and if he touched it, he’d die. (He rocked at the lava floor game.)

A few minutes later he was panting, exhausted, and kinda wanted to pass out, but he did it! He completed the obstacle course!

That wasn't all though; a few minutes later someone came up to him and told him he had been selected for an interview with THE Iron Butterfly! And Jack Frost! He'd actually get to talk to them! This had to be the best day of his life.

During the interview, they didn't seem too impressed with his powers, but maybe he was just projecting? They didn't seem too impressed with much of anything, actually. But they were superheroes, after all; they probably saw stuff way cooler than this all the time!

After that, they all had some time to kill, so Ratcliff played some more Pokemon Go. There was a rattata (hah) that he caught, as well as a gym and pokestop. Not the worst way to spend an hour of his time, honestly.

His phone was just beginning to run out of battery when they were called back to talk to the heroes again, and Iron Butterfly gave another one of her speeches.

[Iron Butterfly: Welcome to the next stage you Wannabes. This is the part where we train you as a team to see who can make it into the big leagues and who will cry home to mama.]

Ratcliff snorted at that.

[Iron Butterfly: During this training we will attempt to bring out any hidden talents you might have or reveal that this is as far as you go. Truth be told we am not expecting much from any of you at this point, however since the death of all the heroes the bar has been lowered considerably. So now we have a lot of positions to fill and you are all we have to work with. If I hurt your feelings, it just means that you are not cut out for this kind of gig. Hurt feelings is nothing compared to getting shot at by gang members, stabbed, beaten, humiliated and so on. Keep your masks on at all times and hide your identities or the gangs will go after your families.]

He winced. He... never actually considered how this would affect his family when he came here. Would training with the League of Heroes be putting his little brother and sister in danger? His mom and step-dad? If he got hurt protecting people, that was one thing, but if his family ever got hurt because of him... he'd never forgive himself.

Ratcliff shook himself out of his thoughts when he realized Iron Butterfly was talking again.

[Iron Butterfly: Oh yeah. Training begins tomorrow so fill in you availability schedule so we can schedule when to train you outside of work and school. Bring your A game tomorrow and I better not hear any excuses. Oh and you (pointing at Jack.) Chameleon. I want to have a word with you after this.]

Ratcliff watched Iron Butterfly pull another Wannabe aside, wondering what they were talking about, then realized it wasn't any of his business.

He got in line to fill out his schedule but he had so much energy that he couldn't keep still. After forcing himself to push all negative thoughts aside, he realized this was it. He was going to start training tomorrow! He was going to become a superhero! He couldn't wait.

(OOC: Happy New Year everyone! I found the discord link but it’s invalid now. Do I still need to join or was the server deleted? Also, if anyone wants to train with Ratcliff, let me know! He’d love some company. :) )

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