Go-getter or Idiot.

Jack Frost then had a very evil smile on his face as he stared at the new recruits. After that they were forced to run ten miles non stop while wearing a vest made of steaks while being chased by hungry Pitbulls. Then they had to climb a two hundred foot rope to escape the same hungry Pitbulls. After a five minute rest they had to pull a cart with several hundreds of pounds of bricks in it as Jack Frost rode a moped holding an energy drink to lure them. The training was insane and a few of the recruits gave up and quit. Jack was annoyed since he had to freeze the dogs to keep them from killing the recruits. However he did enjoy seeing the recruits struggle as they panted in hopes of that energy drink. This took the whole day as they did a few more exercises till their bodies collapsed.

Miles didn't need to see Jack's face to know this was bad. His Danger Sense was all he needed. It would have told him if he was blind and deaf. The run...that wasn't the hard part. Miles did runs not quite ten miles but he either walked or ran everywhere. The pitbulls were the problem...but of course they were. Utilizing his Danger Sense he avoided the dogs for the most part. He could predict then they would try and snap at the meat-vest(TM), but focusing on the pitbulls made it harder to focus on the people around him. The rope wall...well his powers did little to help him here aside from warning him the whole time that 'he might fall' like a helicopter parent. He finished middle of the pack, arms burning from the over production of lactic acid. And the cart...oh god the cart. Miles didn't even drink that poison they called 'energy drinks' but half way through the nightmare that was brick cart. It was all he wanted.

He laid flat on the ground arms and lets splayed out panting like a Husky in Arizona. But was one of the first prospects to be on his feet again. Though he was as wobbly as a new born deer he was standing. Body still struggling to suck in the air he needed but he wasn't going to loose this chance by not being a go-getter.

Then the Iron Butterfly returned with The Chameleon looked in bad shape. Chameleon had a terrified expression on his face as if he saw something very bad as he nursed his energy drink. Iron Butterfly was tapping on her data pad with no concern for the Chameleon whatsoever. She was focused and as cold as ice as she talked to Jack Frost as they watched a video. Then they had sly smirks on their face as they liked the video and whispered to each other. Once she was done she sent her file to the police and looked at the worn out recruits and saw some missing as she whispered to Jack Frost who shrugged it off. Iron Butterfly was a bit annoyed then spoke up.

Iron Butterfly: Okay recruits. I am glad you managed to stick it out since it tells us you have potential. Your training will not always be like this, but you will struggle till you get into shape so eat right, sleep right and make sure you stretch to reduce your muscle cramps. As you get stronger this training will get easier so stay positive and endure it. Once we see some hope for you we will be taking you out on small missions suited for your powers. Once you are able to, head home and rest up since we will be training tomorrow again.

With much effort Miles managed to drag himself out of the training facility, and back to his apartment. Where...the elevator was out...and his apartment was five floors up. Guess it's the stairs.

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