Enter- Professor Mind-Blast!

"Okay thanks. We will contact you. Next!" the gorgeous Iron Butterfly declared in her not so gorgeous voice.

"I believe that was the last one," Jack Frost said, flipping through the clipboard one last time.

"Thank gawd!" she said, lighting yet another cigarette.

"Eh hem. I believe you've overlooked the most promising of all would-be heroes, Madame Butterfly," Krueger said, hovering into the now mostly empty warehouse, arms crossed stoicly over his chest.

Levitation was extremely taxing- he was literally pushing himself up one inch, again and again and again. But it was always an impressive trick and he did want to impress. All eyes however were immediately drawn to the unequaled, unblemished, flawless beauty that was his mustache.

"I...," Jack Frost stuttered, captivated by the majestic beauty of the 'stache.

Several long seconds ticked by before anyone could so much as speak coherently.

Then, "Oh, wait. There is one more. Professor... Mind-Blast?"

Iron Butterfly took a long, loooooong drag from her cigarette. Her eyes following the gentle twists and curls of Krueger's manly lip main, before letting the smoke out in a long stream.

"So... you float. Is that all?" she finally asked.

"Phhhh, of course not," Krueger said and allowed himself to fall the short distance to the floor. "I've a myriad of powers, milady."

And with that, he pulled out a firearm.

"That is NOT a super power!" She said, rising from her seat.

"Don't worry. It's just my cousin's BB gun. Looks real enough, though. Doesn't it?" Krueger said.

At that revelation, everyone seemed to calm the heck back down in a hurry.

"Here, shoot at me," he said and tossed it to one of the few wannabe loosers who'd yet to wander back out of the warehouse.

The kid took the BB gun and pointed it at Krueger's head.

"Hey now! You'll put somebody's eye out!" Krueger said, throwing up his hands in front of his face. "A little lower, if you please."

Krueger then cracked his neck, adjusted his fedora and readied his mind for the demonstration.

"Alright. Please bare in mind that were this a real firearm, the outcome would be no different. I am powering up my psychic shield now," he said.

In reality, he was concentrating on the tiny copper BB inside the guns barrel. He held out his fist in the direction of the kid with the BB gun.

"You may fire," he pronounced.

That said, the kid pulled the trigger and with a little 'pop' it fired. At the same time, Krueger opened his fist to reveal the word 'STOP' stenciled onto the inside of the glove. The BB stopped in mid air for the briefest of moments before falling to the ground. Using the same power he'd used to push himself one inch off the ground, he'd pushed the projectile back one inch. A side effect of his psychic-blast was that it completely negated velocity, causing the effected target to 'stop'. Rocks, bullets, hell even an incoming commit could be rendered harmless in such a manner... so long as they only came one every few seconds, and he knew where they were coming from, and could guess their approximate mass, and in the case of the commit, if it wasn't TOO big of a commit.

He then turned back to the two superheroes who actually looked mildly (very mildly) impressed, and took an exagerated bow. And the kid with the BB gun snickered and pulled the trigger three more times, while aiming at Krueger's back side. Thankfully, Krueger had taken the very rational precaution of only putting one BB into the gun, so it only clicked and clicked.

Krueger opened his other gloved fist in the direction of the brat to reveal the words 'psychic-blast!' stenciled onto it and yelled, "Psychic-blast!"

The kid squealed and fell to his knees, clutching his crotch.

"Fear not! No permanent harm has been done... this time," Krueger said.

The one-inch nut punch was one of his earliest masteries.

Iron Butterfly sighed and scribbled in her notebook and whispered something to Jack Frost. Though Krueger could not pick up the whole exchange, he did makeout the words 'psychic' and 'mustache" before the two nodded to eachother.

"Okay thanks. We will contact you," Iron Butterfly said.

"Until we meet again," he said and left.


Training the next day was intense, I mean like really intense. Also, he was late as he pulled up in his Ford Fiesta.

"...As you know you all have special powers that separate you from the normal folks, even if that power is deemed useless by many. In the end its how you use your powers that will help you overcome your training. So rather than crying that life is unfair you can either quit or suck it up," Jack Frost was in the midst of giving his thoroughly uninspired speach.

Krueger felt the man's icy gaze pass over him as he inserted himself amongst the crowd of people who actually showed up on time. Oh dear... That can't be good.

Following the speach, they were forced to run ten miles non-stop while wearing vests made of steaks, while being chased by hungry pitbulls. Then the recruits had to climb a two-hundred foot rope to escape the same hungry pitbulls. After a five minute rest they had to pull a cart with several hundred pounds of bricks in it as Jack Frost rode a moped holding an energy drink to lure them.

Near the end, Krueger joined in as everyone mocked a couple of quitters as they walked off the training course. After all, an evening with his ex wife was at least twice as vigorous as this! He did miss the happy endings though- but NOT the cats! The filthy things pissed on everything!

After a fashion, Iron Butterfly and her iron cleavage returned with a very worn out looking Chameleon in tow. Lucky bastard!

While she and Jack Frost discussed her recent exploits, the recruits were left to collapse and huff air for all they were worth. ...That, and try to figure out how to get all the meat stains out of their uniforms. Using a few well-timed mind-blasts, Krueger covertly knocked Jack Frost's energy drink from his moped and rolled it across the training course to his waiting hands.

"So, how was it? She clean your pipes or did you teach her something new?" Krueger asked with a wink as he approached Chameleon and offered him the pilfered beverage. "You look like you could use this more than me."

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