Jelly Legs

While she and Jack Frost discussed her recent exploits, the recruits were left to collapse and huff air for all they were worth. ...That, and try to figure out how to get all the meat stains out of their uniforms. Using a few well-timed mind-blasts, Krueger covertly knocked Jack Frost's energy drink from his moped and rolled it across the training course to his waiting hands.

"So, how was it? She clean your pipes or did you teach her something new?" Krueger asked with a wink as he approached Chameleon and offered him the pilfered beverage. "You look like you could use this more than me."

Chameleon looked up to see a man in a fedora and steampunk goggles offering him a drink. Since he was afraid to puke he waved his hand in a No gesture.

Chameleon: No thanks. I am just shaken up a bit. We just came back from a spy mission and I saw a gang kill the gang we were watching. I am afraid to sleep now. If I eat or drink anything I am afraid I might puke. I can't get the scene out of my mind. I never thought I would have to see something like that.

Iron Butterfly: Okay recruits. I am glad you managed to stick it out since it tells us you have potential. Your training will not always be like this, but you will struggle till you get into shape so eat right, sleep right and make sure you stretch to reduce your muscle cramps. As you get stronger this training will get easier so stay positive and endure it. Once we see some hope for you we will be taking you out on small missions suited for your powers. Once you are able to, head home and rest up since we will be training tomorrow again.

The Chameleon wanted to go home but his legs were still jelly and he could not get up. It took some time for him to get up and walk around to get the pins and needles out of his legs. He tried to calm himself down as he needed to clear his mind.


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