The best of intentions!

The Chameleon hastily waived away the offered beverage, "No thanks. I am just shaken up a bit. We just came back from a spy mission and I saw a gang kill the gang we were watching. I am afraid to sleep now. If I eat or drink anything I am afraid I might puke. I can't get the scene out of my mind. I never thought I would have to see something like that."

Krueger shrugged, then popped the tab on the drink and began guzzling.

"Wow, tough break. Sounds a lot like my first marriage. You have no idea the things cat piss can do to your favorite jacket. Now THAT'S a scene I'll never get out of MY head. Anyway, it ain't like they didn't deserve it, right?" he said.

Though his words of comfort were genuine, they seemed to have little effect on his fellow trainee.

Then Iron Butterfly started in with yet another Q-card speach, "Okay recruits. I am glad you managed to stick it out since it tells us you have potential. Your training will not always be like this, but you will struggle till you get into shape so eat right, sleep right and make sure you stretch to reduce your muscle cramps. As you get stronger this training will get easier so stay positive and endure it. Once we see some hope for you we will be taking you out on small missions suited for your powers. Once you are able to, head home and rest up since we will be training tomorrow again."

Krueger shook his head and returned his attention to Chameleon, who looked even more worse for wear. The man was wandering aimlessly around the training grounds for gods sake.

"Tell you what, buddy. Why don't you let me give you a ride. I don't work until eight tomorrow. We can ride out to Mos Eisley and get shit-faced until you CAN forget what happened," Krueger said. "I think Carroll's working tonight. She'll certainly take your mind off things!"

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