Over Drinks

As Krueger pulled in at the Mos Eisley Cantina, lively music could be heard emanating out of the cracked, concrete building. Patrons were walking in and drunk patrons stumbling out.

"Oh, wait! Better take off our super suits," Krueger said as he threw the vehicle into park and was about to climb out. "Wouldn't want anyone to figure out our secret identities."

The man lifted his fedora, pulled off his goggles, tossed them in the back seat, and replaced the fedora. Then he got out and headed in.

Jack was in panic mode as he realized he was still in his costume. He scrambled into his backpack to change clothes and put on a local team baseball cap. He was still shaken up about the murder he saw so he didn't think about going to a bar at this point as he followed Dr. Mind-Blast.

"Two of those things you brought me last time!" he shouted to a waitress named Maxine.

She grinned, bit her lower lip, and hurried off to the bar to fill his order. What a shame! Carroll wasn't there after all. But there were definitely a few runner-ups to fill the void in Krueger's aching heart.

"What you want, buddy? My treat," he said to Chameleon.

Jack was at a loss for words as he couldn't come up with a simple decision and look around for some kind of inspiration then he pointed at something a woman was drinking. (Frozen Mango Daiquiri)

Jack: How about one of those?

Up on stage, a trio of women in... well, not much, began to dance and the music picked back up its tempo. Folks cheered and more than a few bills were tossed up onto the stage in recognition of their... talent. When the waitress returned, Krueger immediately downed the first of his two drinks. It was a pale, bubbling concoction that smelled very strongly of alcohol and... pine tar?

"So, how'd you get into this 'line of work'?" he asked.

Jack sighed as he looked at Krueger and shook his head.

Jack: I guess I am just tired of being an introvert nerdy loser like my father. My mom left us at the hospital for the doctor. We eat in silence when we do eat together. I don't have any real friends after I graduated and I have no real direction in life. After I got these powers and I saw the flyer I thought why not. How about you?


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