Class Is In

It wasn't long before Iron Butterfly came in with several new recruits. The Chameleon seemed to be in better spirits after hanging out with Prof. Mind-Blast. Then Jack Frost came out of his room in his blue/black Bio suit to contain his cold body, while he was drinking a glowing blue liquid threw a clear tube from a large thermos. Since he was on a special diet due to his condition he had trouble eating normal food. Of course Iron Butterfly hardly ate since she was a chain smoker.

Iron Butterfly: All right newbies! Some of you are still sore from your prior training. This will continue till you get in shape. Due keep in mind if you complain about how hard it is you will die on your first mission. The criminals don't care about fair play and there are no do overs unless you can turn back time. So I suggest you take your training seriously since your life depends on it. Now Jack Frost here will run you through a new gauntlet of exercises and then I will make you learn about known villains and their abilities. Knowing your enemy will aid you in how to take them down. So get your lazy butts up and get moving.

Jack had the newbies run, do push up, sit ups, pull ups, dodge tennis balls, run through an obstacle course and then Iron Butterfly used a video slide show to discuss many villain gangs and solo players. The gangs included the Jersey Sluggers who dressed like baseball players with face paint and used bats to fight. They were a low level gang that did vandalism, assault, mugging, and destruction of public property. Then there was the Bain Boppers who was a dance troupe that used their parkour/dance skills to perform theft, mugging, assault and arson. Next was the Pin Stripes gang which was basically a mafia. They used guns and were wanted for just about any crime against the public. Iron Butterfly warned the women to escape from them if they were going to loose since they like to do human trafficking. Then the face of an odd guy popped up and it was The Guru Satchabigknoba. The Guru is known a a very dangerous criminal who uses mind control to recruit many high profile people to fight for his cause. Though he comes off as sweet and pervy, he is a dangerous psychopath. The Chameleon took diligent notes and hoped he was not going to meet anyone these dangerous people.


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