Camp Hero

Seeing as Jack still had some time till he started college at the local community college, he decided to check out the hot spots for the new and upcoming heroes. As it turned out it didn't take him long to get some information on the hero recruitment. A few costumed people were handing out flyers to anyone interested. Sadly most of the flyers ended up on the street or the nearby trash can. Jack folded up his copy and put it in his pocket as he smiled and walked away. Once he was alone he took it out and read it carefully.

Calling all Heroes,
The League of Heroes is looking to refill its ranks and all heroes are welcome to try out regardless of experience, skills or powers. We are willing to train and guide the next generation of heroes and hope to see our recruits rise to the top once again. If you are interested come in your costume to the old stadium at 9 pm tonight. We look forward to meeting you all.

Jack smirked as he read the flyer and felt a bit giddy. Seeing as he had little time to get ready he realized he had no super suit. He put the flyer back into his pocket and fumbled his hands a bit before he remembered a few stores that were still open. He quickly made his way to the stores to find a costume to work with. he wanted his name to be The Chameleon since he could wall climb and blend in his background. Sadly he had no real fighting talent so he was an untrained scout at best. Still since the League was willing to train him he still needed a costume.

Jack searched the costume shop but everything was expensive, poorly made and the closest he found to his theme was a ninja turtle or Godzilla costume. He then went to the Dollar Thrift Store to find old outfits but had no luck then he walked by a sporting goods store that was removing their old inventory. So Jack snuck out to the back and found a large pile of old and damaged sporting gear by the full dumpsters. So Jack decided to give it a try and as it was his true calling he sound a few green with gold trim diving suits in his size. Jack them picked up a sports bag and put the diver suits into his bag along with some other choice items like football and soccer pads.

Then Jack did some more shopping to pick up the last of his suits accessories before going home. Seeing as he needed to cover up the mouth and the eyes to protect his identity he looked online to learn to sew before he added a yellow screen on the eyes and a green patch over the mouth. He then fixed up his spare suits before he added the plastic pads under his diver suits. Once he was done he looked in the mirror to see how he looked and was mildly pleased. He was no Spiderman yet but he hoped he would be one someday.

Realizing it was getting late Jack put on a black trench coat and removed his mask. He snuck out of his room through the window and made his way to the old stadium. To avoid any nearby gangs who came out at night he used his super camouflage powers to blend in with the environment. It took a bit longer to sneak by but Jack eventually made his way to the stadium. He was impressed by the number of costumed people there. He wondered if this was all real or some sad prank. He hoped it was real as he was greeted and escorted to the register desk.

Jack was greeted by the lovely ladies in costume who registered him as "The Chameleon". After a small and decent demonstration of his camouflage, agility and wall climbing powers he was given a card with an ID number and his superhero name. Jack was excited as he figured it would be harder to join the league till he saw someone get registered using only a baseball bat as a power. Jack felt a bit disappointed and nervous as he didn't want to jump to conclusions just yet. So he moved in with the crowd to listed to the spokes person.

As he got closer he realized the spokes person was none other than the sexy Iron Butterfly, but for some reason she sounded like a guy now. This creeped out many of the males since they also had a mad crush on her growing up. Several rumors were spread amongst wannabe heroes that Iron Butterfly was a transgender woman, while others believed she had a heart transplant with a baboon and some believed it was her being a chain smoker. These rumors are based upon the fact that her is voice is a deep, raspy masculine sounding tone.

Jack then listened to the not so motivational speech read by the Iron Butterfly. She sounded like she was forced to be there and lacked any thrill in her tone as she read from a note card. She explained that they would be going through a boot camp to train and those who couldn't make the cut will keep doing boot camp till they make it or quit. Jack was eager to prove himself as he moved with the crowd. Once they arrived they all saw a large Ninja Warrior obstacle course. The plan was simple. They would train till they could successfully complete the obstacle course in one run. The had the whole summer to train and training was all day long. Iron Butterfly hired some security men in suits to train the new recruits since her voice was irritated.

Another hero who came out of retirement was Jack Frost and he looked grouchy while in his protective suit. He didn't much care for hero work these days and he didn't like heat at all which was why he wore a protective suit. Between he and Iron Butterfly they had to sit at a table and observe all the wannabe heroes train hard.


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