Unless they're really desperate.

Conner burst through his sister’s door and dropped his bag on the floor. “We have to go!” he exclaimed, shoving a flyer in Astrid’s face. She took it from him and pulled it away enough to read. Her heart sank as her baby brother plopped down on her bed. Recruits for superheroes? They’d never except them, she knew that, unless they're really desperate. She mused. She glanced at his bright smile and mussed brown hair, he looked so excited. Was it better to break his heart herself? Or let them do it? Sighing, she made up her mind, Astrid knew if she where to tell him he’d fail without trying, he’d just go by himself, then he would get his heart broken alone. It was definitely better to be there for him. Even if it got his hopes up, and made her dress up.
It was now 4:00 and they only had a few hours to make costumes and get to the stadium. Astrid went for the classic cat suit in white. A navy-blue belt and thigh holsters to hold her hand guns. The blue was to match her brother, who wore a navy suit, black belt and gloves. Form fitting but not tights. Astrid got the bass of her suit from the attic of all places, as for Conner’s, it was a hand-me down from her nerd of a grandfather, probably a Mr. Fantastic cosplay. But a vary well made one, they pried the logo patch off. Top it all off with a couple of harlequin masks, black and white. When it was time to go, Astrid put on a black cloke she happened to have in her closet. Conner put a hoodie and pajama pants over his, Astrid rolled her eyes, to which he responded with smirk and shrug.
The pair of siblings didn’t feel ant particular need to sneak out, it was common place for them to go out and do things together, and it was only half past eight. They simply avoided the den and sent their parents a text:
going out for dinner, back by 11:00!
They arrived just before nine, (I’d normally describe the outside of the stadium, but I don’t know what it looks like. Lol)
Conner was extremely excited. He was signing up to become a hero! He was finally going to get to do something good with his power! Maybe he’d get assigned crime fighting, which was likely where his sister was going. Or maybe more of an interrogator! Reading the bad guys minds would surely be helpful in that area! And he’d get to learn more about non-verbal tells, and reading body language! A topic he had been fascinated with for some time.
When they entered, the power hit Astrid like a truck. She held her head and stumbled back, Conner grabbed and steadied her. “you okay, sis?” she nodded, looking around and identifying who the different feelings where coming from, the main two sources being jack Frost and The iron Butterfly. Once she spotted them, she felt a lot better. There was still a few nagging feelings that stood out but she could handle them. “ I’m okay now, really.” She assured her brother. After a he was sure she was, he turned to the lady’s in costume at the sign in desk.
“What’s your power dear?” one asked. Conner offered his hand and smiled brightly. “Pick a number between 1 and 10, million!” After repeating back her oddly specific number and telling his name, he received a name card with, The Reader. On it. Explaining her power, Astrid got one with, The Identifier. Looking around, Astrid realized why she felt mostly fine after identifying the two superheroes, there didn’t appear to be anymore supers in the room, she saw multiple people with bats as their powers. The pair wondered if they’d be put into groups or it was every man for himself.

(If training was all day every day, is it summer break? Thx)

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