Pure Chance

OOC - (If training was all day every day, is it summer break? Thx)
Yes it is summer time and the stadium is the big one used for all the high schools in district.

“What’s your power dear?” one asked. Conner offered his hand and smiled brightly. “Pick a number between 1 and 10, million!” After repeating back her oddly specific number and telling his name, he received a name card with, The Reader. On it. Explaining her power, Astrid got one with, The Identifier. Looking around, Astrid realized why she felt mostly fine after identifying the two superheroes, there didn’t appear to be anymore supers in the room, she saw multiple people with bats as their powers. The pair wondered if they’d be put into groups or it was every man for himself.

Jack then listened to the not so motivational speech read by the Iron Butterfly. She sounded like she was forced to be there and lacked any thrill in her tone as she read from a note card. She explained that they would be going through a boot camp to train and those who couldn't make the cut will keep doing boot camp till they make it or quit. Jack was eager to prove himself as he moved with the crowd. Once they arrived they all saw a large Ninja Warrior obstacle course. The plan was simple. They would train till they could successfully complete the obstacle course in one run. The had the whole summer to train and training was all day long. Iron Butterfly hired some security men in suits to train the new recruits since her voice was irritated.

Jack watched as Iron Butterfly and Jack Frost sat at the judge's table while the cute female announcer called out the names of the next five contestants periodically. The crowd then watched as many of the wannabe heroes failed miserably in the first or second section of the obstacle course. As it turned out many of the applicants were in poor condition when it came to sports. Jack was feeling a bit unsure of himself as he saw so many failed attempts to pass the obstacle course.

Hours went by as Jack patiently waited his turn among the masses of applicants. So far no one had managed to pass the obstacle course and they were automatically being enrolled in the summer training program. Eventually it was Jack's turn on the Ninja Warrior Obstacle course and he got into position. His heart was pounding as he was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. However due to his high agility and wall climbing powers, Jack somehow managed to clumsily finish the obstacle course in fifteen minutes. Despite many close calls he got very lucky and was breathing hard at the end as the crowd cheered for him.

As he sat up he saw Iron Butterfly and Jack Frost talking to each other while looking his way. He hoped that was a good thing as he slowly got up and made his way back to the sidelines. Several wannabe heroes congratulated him and mention he gave them hope to endure the training to pass the test next time. Jack then got a bottle of water and watched to see if anyone else could pass this part of the exam.


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