Conner collapsed at his sister’s feet at the end of the course, he had just, barely, made it. She handed him a bottle of water as she wiped sweat off her forehead. She had faired better than him, but too, just, made it. “I think I need a more breathable super suit.” He panted, as he pried at his collar. Astrid hummed as she surveyed the other recruits. Oddly enough, she felt mostly fine. Like her suit was made for such activity. She felt the familiar burn of her sore muscles, her lungs starving for oxygen and her heart pumping blood through her veins harder. But there was something else, a dizzying feeling like everything looked more saturated. Colorful. It made it hard to focus, it has to be another super, she thought. Her brother spoke up as if on cue. “So… feel anyone powerful?” he inquired.

“If you mean anyone with powers? Yes. But on one head splittingly powerful.” She winced, thinking about the pain she felt before identifying the legitimate superheroes in the stadium. “There is someone around here that’s giving me a headache. Besides you of course.” She teased, although, because his power was mentally focused, it did give her a headache. Her eyes landed on a neon green suit with yellow accents. The sight alone made her head hurt worse, and a wave of color shot past her eyes. Maybe he’s the source? He was siting on the sidelines, scanning the crowd every now and then, mainly keeping his eyes on the obstacle course. “Come on, Hun.” She told Conner. He jumped up, bouncing on the balls of his feet. Nodding for her to lead the way. She made her way towards the man, wishing she could determine more about him, mingling among the masked would take getting used to. When just a foot away from the wannabe hero, a myriad of color swam across her vision, definitely the source. Once she confirmed it to herself, the saturated colors died down to almost their normal hue. She also noticed her limbs didn’t feel as sore, he must have had a physical ability as well as whatever made that dizzying feeling. “Hello, I’m As-“ Her brother elbowed her in the ribs lightly. She rolled her eyes. “The identifier.” She introduced instead.

“The Reader!” Conner stuck his hand out to shake, though the man and his gloves wouldn’t allow him to read him. He had to get fingerless gloves, he thought. It was a habit he had picked up over the years of sneaking glances at people’s minds, trying desperately to strengthen his power with use. “What’s your power?” he asked excitedly.

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