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Summary: Normal is for the BIRDS ...

River Han

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Gender: Female

Age: 10

Group: Other

Physical Appearance

River is a slim little Chinese girl with long black hair and dark eyes. She favors hip hop style clothes not just because it's comfortable it's stylish!


River, being all of ten, has no real skill other than that of a normal ten-year-old. Her only REAL skill is an eidetic memory. Some stand out abilities are:
Roller Skating
Dancing (Hip Hop)
Multilingual (Mandarin and Cantonese)
Morse code


Phone, Switch, Laptop, Nook, Rollerblades, and backpack. A small art kit, sketchbook and chalk paint pens.


River is a genuine genius. Brilliant and precocious River is unexpectedly insecure. She is normal cheery but can quickly switch to morose and pensive on long car rides. While River is oddly obedient for a 10-year-old she strives to be useful and help so Rigo has a reason to keep her around. While she put up a brave, strong front ... she's ten and doesn't want to be ditched.


River is very tightlipped about her past and avoids talking about it as much as possible.

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Image of River Han
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