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Summary: Hindsight is still 20/20

Declan (Dex) Blackthorn

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Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Mage

Physical Appearance

He couldn't tell you
Hair: Eyes: Blonde/Blue
Skin tone: Fair to tan
Build: Average
Distinguishing features - Birthmark by the left side of his collarbone


Mage. Wanna see a magic trick? So do I.

He specializes in illusions, and his favorite/easiest to cast is to draw someone into his world of darkness, where he has an advantage

For short periods of time, he can cast a spell which allows him to see through the eyes of his familiar / Seeing Eye Dog

Special skills/equipment: Dex has a charmed grimoire in that he can read it as if it were braille, by running his fingers over the words and incantations. He is able to replicate even complicated sigils by memory.

He, along with Nikia’s help also developed a sort of ‘braille’ system involving strings and beads to fast cast spells, such as fireballs.


Seeing Eye Dog - Coby


I'm blind, why would I own a car?


Friendly, outgoing, carefree


Declan was born in Emerlan Harbor to Caleb and Abby Blackthorn, well respected mages in the community, but there are some things even magic can’t fix. The baby boy they’d long wanted was born blind at birth, but even so, he was raised from a young age in the arcane arts. He’s comfortable with his ‘disability,’ and while growing up, had a decent social circle of friends. As he can’t see, he relies on his other highly attuned senses. In high school, he was active in sports, particularly swimming, and crew.

Though he has no siblings, he was raised with Nikia Blackthorn, a family friend from England, who also grew up studying the arcane arts.

He’s attending his second semester at EACH.

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