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Summary: I took an oath to protect this country from all enemies--and that includes monsters.

Randall Hunter

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: NPC's

Physical Appearance

5'10", lean build
Blonde hair, brooding blue eyes

If you see him without his shirt on, you'll see several scars and tattoos from his time in the military.


Everything you'd expect from growing up in the country combined with 10+ years in the Army Rangers


A small arsenal of handguns, shotguns, assault rifles, and hunting rifles, along with some fighting knives and explosives as well

He also has a few items for use against supernatural evil.

As for personal effects, he still wears his ID tags and carries a Zippo lighter embossed with his unit crest.


Nondescript gray van

Yeah, it screams "SERIAL KILLER!!!", but a car can't fit all of his gear, and plus he can sleep lying down in it if need be.


Normally brooding and taciturn, but can scrounge up some charm when he needs to.

He's new to hunting monsters, so he's content to learn from the veterans and let them take the lead.

His years of service have instilled a deep sense of working with a team and watching their backs, and he expects the same in return. As far as he's concerned, this is a war, the only differences are the enemy and the battleground.


For Randall Hunter, never joining the military was not an option. Military service in the family ran back at least four generations, and he wasn’t going to be the one who broke the trend.

He barely remembers his mother; she died when he was five, and his father never remarried.

He lived in a rural community, so he already knew how to handle guns by the time he was 10 and was able to live off the land by the time he was 13.

The day he turned 18 he walked into the local Army recruiting station and enlisted as an infantryman. Just before completing basic training, he was informed his father died suddenly from a heart attack. As he was an only child, he was now alone, so he put all of his attention into looking after his fellow Soldiers. Several years in, he volunteered for the Rangers and easily passed the grueling admission tests.

He volunteered during a time of war, so he soon deployed into the Middle East. He served well and his record reflected that. By the time he reached 10 years in, he was already a Sergeant First Class.

It was his fifth deployment when everything went to shit.


It was supposed to be a routine mission: go in, take out some bad guys, and come home in time for breakfast. It was nothing he hadn’t done a hundred times before.

Someone forgot to tell the bad guys that.

The official story was military intelligence severely underestimated enemy strength levels in the area. The truth was his platoon got ripped apart by something that wasn’t human, that had no damn reason to exist, but he saw it with his own eyes.

At first, he thought he had cracked; the years of service and the time in combat had finally gotten to him, and his mind had started making things up.

He was sent to an Army mental hospital, and as he sat in group therapy, a couple of other Soldiers’ stories sounded eerily similar to his.

He wasn’t a book-smart man, but he had enough street smarts to know there were some things that went bump in the night and the government didn’t want John Q. Public to know about it.

He reached out to a few friends in the intelligence community to see if there were any “unofficial” government efforts to deal with such things and join up, but every request was either denied or simply ignored.

This frustrated him to no end, and all of the mental therapy he was going to was of no help at all. Some nights he woke up screaming, other times he had to get snapped out of a post-traumatic fugue.

As far as the Army was concerned, he was broken goods; thank you for your service, but you’re a liability now, so go be a civilian and have a nice life.

He was medically retired, and combined with his years of service, he was entitled to a small pension, so he sold the family house, bought a van, loaded it up with guns and went hunting.

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Image of Randall Hunter
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