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Summary: Have you ever seen the stomach contents of a mountain troll? Nasty thing.

Alec Henderson

Gender: Male

Age: 53

Group: Hunters

Physical Appearance

Has gained some roundness due to age, but most is still muscle.
Has thick arms, with well muscled legs.
192 lbs
Has gained several scars from his career, the most notable being an unfinished rune on his back from almost becoming a sacrifice.
The process of getting this scar was messy, his left arm moving slower than the right and occasionally losing feeling in it.
While old, is physically fit and can hold his own


Has decades of hunting experience, as well as a vast knowledge on monsters of the world. Most is about the North American and Western European monsters.
Has immense patience when hunting, observing his quarry in order to always gain the upper hand.
Fluent in Inuit, Algonquin, Russian and the Scandinavian languages. Still requires help with other major European languages. (Speaks fluent English)


On Person:
Silver knife
Several small journals with their respective pencils
Bag of homemade jerky

Crossbow, with various bolts for varies uses.(Poison, blessed, exploding...)
Survival kits( canned food, water jugs, first aid, radiation suit..)
Gas cans


Modified Jeep Side by Side


When around fellow hunters or any non-monsters, Alec is a cheerful, if reserved, guy. He always has a story to tell when at a bar and is always willing to share his knowledge to those who ask. This often comes out as oddly morbid facts about monsters. (Vampires do have blood, though it is usually too decayed to be considered blood. Terrible stuff to extract.")
When out in the field, he is very quiet and dead serious. He has seen too many good men and women killed by little moments to try and "break the tension"
While many hunters look to kill their target as quickly as possible, Alec will do his best to study. If there is no chance of harm coming to innocents, he will observe a creature for several days at most before using the creatures own habits against them.

While his parents were stern and untrusting towards strangers, Alec tends to be more compassionate towards others, even taking on others to train. This compassion does not extend to any who openly boast for self gain, preferring action. While known to tell tales of his exploits, Alec hopes to impart wisdom through his stories, telling of his triumphs and his failures with no detail exaggerated.


Raised by traveling hunters, Alec has known no other life. He has been all over the world, though they mainly traveled across the northern hemisphere. Russia, Canada, and the Scandinavian countries are most familiar to him. Has a twin brother, Bane, living in France that has retired with his family, though the two will occasionally hunt when Alec is around.
During his younger years, he tried to find love, but found that he was not much for social interaction. His habit for observation often gained the ire of many would be love-interests.
Due to his traveling ways, has gained friends and allies across the frozen north. He always checks on them when he is in their area, otherwise he writes letters.
He has stopped taking on apprentices, having trained four throughout his career. His first was killed as a demonic sacrifice, the next two falling to fey(The Wild Hunt) and giants, in that order.
His last apprentice is the only one to survive, though the circumstances that drove them apart is never talked about. They have not spoken in years.

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Image of Alec Henderson
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