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Sigmund Johan Wiesinger

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Gender: Male

Age: 65

Group: Hunters

Physical Appearance

"Captain Wiesinger? He was pretty lanky, tall and thin; with long limbs. He was never much for expression, with hollow cheeks and sunken glaring eyes, the kind of eyes that always made you feel like you'd done something wrong you know? Some of the Italian novitiates used to call him 'Scarno'... It means skinny I think." - Ritter Jadwiga Augustyn - Translated from Polish.

Sigmund Weisinger stands at a height of 6' 2, and a weight of 150 lbs. At first glance the Knight's skinny frame may appear looming and clumsy to onlookers, he carries it with a degree of artful, though rather languid grace. His movements seem to accentuate his physique, with slow, deliberate gestures and minuscule gesticulation.

What muscle he carries is wiry and lean, crafted by decades of studying, trailing and hunting down Europe's plethora of fiends, horrors and boogeymen.

Sigmund prefers simple clothing when engaging with the world, forgoing his order raiment for everything bar official Ordinal duties. For the most part his wardrobe consists almost entirely of white dress shirts and black trousers, the latter typically held aloft by braces in lieu of a belt.

When the weather calls for it the Knight will don one of two pieces of outerwear. One a simple ordinary grey coat; the other a black double breasted over coat, lined with a myriad of extra pockets to aid in carrying the various accouterments that aid him in his duties. He forgoes much in the way of jewelry or ostentation, wearing only his rank gorget and a simple silver ring decorated with the symbol of his order.


Sigmund is fluent in English, Austrian Standard German and Hungarian and is conversant in Spanish and Italian.

He is extremely well versed in the history and doctrines of the Order and is considered one of the foremost authorities on physical and metaphysical nature of Europe's monstrous creatures. Though his often combative take on Ordinal doctrine has severely damaged his scholastic reputation among much of the Order's literati.

More temporally Sigmund has received the minimum level of small arms training required for a ranking Knight of the Order. Undertaking the FKDW* Course with emphasis on the use of the H&K USP P12, and the Collapsible Stock Benelli M4. Though he typically only carries the former, leaving the latter either in his office or concealed within his car for emergencies.

On the extremely rare occasion that he is pressed into close combat Sigmund armed with a reforged M1918 'Victoria' bayonet with a modified handle. Which he conceals within his tobacco pouch. He is also trained in the use of basic boxing techniques. Despite this training he prefers to avoid close combat at all costs as both his age and his physicality place him at a distinct disadvantage against stronger, younger or more skilled opponents.

One distinct advantage the Captain prides himself on is the compendium of tricks and work around's he's amassed over his forty years as a hunter. Whilst many of these little tidbits are far from infallible, and many of his tricks have failed him over the years none of these failures have yet doomed the old knight.

*Fortgeschrittener Kampfversuch des Waffenmeisters - The Master At Arms Advanced Combat Trial


*To the office of Komtur Heinrich Billung, Order Attache to the Austrian Consulate General, New York*


As requested please find below the listed equipment of
Ritterkapitän Sigmund Johan Wiesinger. As provided by the Captain himself.

(H&K USP P12 Pistol - 1
Benelli M4 Shotgun with Collapsible Stock - 1
M1918 'Victoria' Bayonet with concealable handle - 1
Annotated copy of "Summa Bestiæ" - 1
Annotated copy of 'The Sacred Gate" - 1
Vials of 'Lustral Water' - 4
Shell Briar Smoking Pipe - 1
Modified Leather Tobacco Pouch - 1
Pack of Cherry Pipe Tobacco- 2)

We questioned the Captain on the subject of his pipe tobacco being a personal expense, but he insisted it was an integral part of his work, so given the minuscule expense and the Captain's... vociferous insistence we have agreed to include it.

With Temperance and Brotherhood

Ritter Maxwell Kynes
Office of Requisitions


*Vehicle Requisition Form*

Ritterkapitän Sigmund Johann Wiesinger

Vehicle: Chrysler Fifth Avenue
Colour: Black
Plates: Civilian

Motorpool Lead Notes: "Hey boss. Next time you send some some ghoulish fucking kraut down here can you give us a little warning? I thought Vasquez was gonna have a GD heart attack when he popped up behind him! He didn't even say anything, just handed the form over, apologized for the fright then took off in one of the Chryslers... Spooky fucker"


Captain Sigmund Johan Wiesinger is a difficult man to read, indeed many of his contemporaries in the Order considered him aloof, dispassionate and scholarly. More inclined to rumination in moldy backroom archives than to extolling from the heights of a pulpit. This however is merely the facade of a man, beneath which lies the same roiling cauldron of emotions, passions and desires that tests all humankind.

Sigmund is far from the curt, laconic man that he often pretends to be. Indeed far from it, getting him to stop talking is much more difficult than getting him to start. Particularly when the subject is theology or the tricks of hunting and may god help any poor fool who dares broach the intricacies of pipe smoking, for they are soon to face the bombardment of forty-six years of encyclopedic knowledge on just what it is to smoke a pipe.

Trying to make Sigmund laugh became a ritual among novitiates during his time teaching at the Order. And the timbre of his gasping, staccato laugh echoing through the halls became a daily annoyance for his fellow teachers. Sigmund had a notably raucous and dry sense of humor, never one to shy away from a stinging jibe or ribald song, and though he would never stoop to admit it beneath it all there lay an unmistakable weakness for puns. A shameful weakness indeed!

When on a hunt, or otherwise engaged vocationally Sigmund is quick to plays the part of the consummate professional, always working as quietly and efficiently toward his goal. Though the act is prone to showing a few holes when he works as part of team, depending on the nature of his teammates. With some Hunters able to lure a touch of warmth and camaraderie out of the old Knight.

One challenge that has dogged the Knight throughout his life has been maintaining the balance and tenets of his Order in the face of the many horrors and atrocities he's witnessed. While his belief in the Order's mission has never wavered, the same cannot be said of his humanity; and the urge to give in to cruelty and zealous persecution has shadowed him throughout his career, ever tempting him to the most monstrous extremes in the pursuit of mankind's safety. Though he has yet to truly give in to these dark urges, he has slipped in the past and he fears he may yet slip again. For what is more terrifying than an unfettered man armed in faith and righteousness?


*Excerpt from the manuscript 'Profile of our Protectors: A collection of Hunter interviews' by Novitiate Ignatius Veraci - Confiscated by the Order*

The first thing I noticed about the small office nestled deep within E.A.C.H in which Captain Sigmund plied his trade was the smell. The air was heavy with the distinct scent of cherry tobacco; the smoke hung idly in the air until the Captain opened the small window above one of the shelf's, apologizing for what he termed "His inescapable vice". Captain Sigmund continued to puff away idly on his briar as we spoke, often tapping it idly atop his desk in thought.

"I was born in Scharnitz" He began, anticipating my question as he delicately dropped some tobacco into the bowl of his pipe. "I was actually born just three months before Austria regained it's independence... One of my earliest memories is of French troops parading out of the town after the handover. It was certainly an interesting time to grow up!"

Captain Sigmund heaved a dry laugh at that and proceeded to return to his pipe, his attention turning back to me only when I inquired at to his parentage. The subject seemed to make him a little uncomfortable

"My parent's were good people." He began insistently. "My father was an ardent follower of Kurt Schuschnigg before the war. He was the Chancellor before... Before the annexation. After his deposition my father was fired, there was no place in the Chancellery for a man like him. It ruined him, he never quite recovered. Even after the war, they just stuck him behind some desk in the Ministry and told him he'd be 'suitably compensated' but they weren't about to reward some Austrofacist purely for ending up on the wrong side... We argued a lot about politics as I grew, I could never understand how he could see the world in so poisonous and hate filled a way, but he never failed to provide for us... I couldn't bring myself to hate him. My mother was a good-natured woman, so pious and kind. She turned me to God when I was young, even encouraged me to Seminary. She used to love to read, our home was full of so many books! Ah, it was a dream, every week a new tale to explore or history to learn. I suppose it was no surprise I ended up so enraptured with literature hmm?" He flashes me a wry smile as he gazes around at the chaotic pile of books surrounding us.

"They both encouraged me to attend University once I turned eighteen. Father always saw the education as the foundation of a good honest career, and Mother had wanted it for me long before I knew I did. They both pulled so many strings for me, even got me into the University of Vienna! Prestigious no? It's the oldest University in the German speaking world you know.

University was... difficult, were it not for my fellows I don't think I'd have survived it, but I did! Best in my class at that"

I thanked the Captain for sharing, and asked if he'd be willing to talk about his initiation into the order. He nods politely and strikes a match.

"I can't share the actual details of course. But I was initiated not long after I turned twenty-five. I'd had an... unnatural encounter in the mountains, damn near killed me! I was recovering in hospital when the Order came to visit and they gave me a simple choice; join and become an novitiate, or get sealed up in a madhouse never to roam free again. As you can imagine I made the obvious choice."

The Captain continues to talk as I take my notes in silence.

"My first assignment was in the Pyrenees. Apparently mountains had become my calling! I was working alongside another novitiate named Francisco Martín, a genuine Spanish madman!"

Captain Sigmund's laugh came as a surprise to me, a loud gasping affair, that filled the entire room.

"We'd been tasked with investigating rumors of some Duende wandering the mountains..."

Once again anticipating my next question, the Captain cuts me off"

"Duende are small, almost goblin like creatures. Mischievous but not particularly dangerous alone. Typical procedure was to shoo them away from any villages and otherwise leave them be. Normally the local huntsman dealt with them, but they'd hung him by the ankles from the local bridge, so the order sent us. We tracked down the group to a cave not far from the village. Four of them in total, and they looked savage. I insisted on waiting till nightfall and capturing them once they slept. Francisco had... other ideas. Rifle in hand he sprinted down that hill shouting and whooping like some sort of American Cowboy! I took down the hill after him, but by the time I reached him the Duende had surrendered, Francisco was holding their leader by the ankles and screaming at him in Spanish. It was magical! I thought the four of them would die of fright... It's certainly not the most exciting mission I've ever undertaken I grant you! But it's always been the one I've held most dear..." Captain Sigmund sighed heavily, a brief flash of sadness crossing his features before he spoke again. "I miss Francisco"

Before I can inquire further he perks up once more and cuts me off, instead offering me an explanation of his current situation. Unwilling to press him, I agree.

"But if you wan't to hear about my escapades chasing bloodsuckers through the streets of Hamburg, or that incident with the skinwalker in Scotland, then you'll have to ask the Order. Honestly I would've thought you'd be more curious about my... 'reassignment' to the US. It's not often a Knight-Captain with four decades of experience is shunted to the American East Coast out of the blue hmm? Perhaps you've even heard some rumors regarding the Südmarschall's recent... retirement? I couldn't possibly comment, but I'd urge you to remember than only our Sacred Mission and the Grand Mistress herself are truly infallible. The Marshals are merely men and women, as prone to falling as you, I and every man, woman and child walking this Earth. And when we fall, the Order makes sure we fall alone.

*The proceeding chapters were deemed 'periculo mendacium' by the Order and were destroyed on site*

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