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Summary: Classically trained and professionally magical

William D. Kelley

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Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: Mage

Physical Appearance

Brown hair in a tangled mess sits atop his head and in the light you could swear it goes ginger. A beard is growing just beyond the 'goatee with dreams' stages around his face is showing a similar strangeness of colors to his hair.

His face is fairly plain, being composed of all the normal parts being where they should. It is not altogether unpleasant to look at, and indeed he has had his fair share of admirers, but there are beginning to shows signs of age as well as wear and tear due to his extracurricular activities beyond the classroom. Two green-blue eyes pierce through the mess of hair the tangles down from his head.

Standing at about 6', he is not quite muscular but not quite out-of-shape either. Vacillating somewhere in the middle, he has a 'relaxed adventuring' build, if he is allowed to use his own words. He has a few tattoos of mystical symbols scattered about his body in a way that might suggest purpose if he didn't wave off any accusations with stories about a drunken night in Bali and Vegas respectively.

His clothing is often loose and ill-fitting, it is unclear if this is a conscious choice or simply his own rushing to be dressed every morning and lack of concern regarding climate and other people's thoughts. While working however, he does his best to look professional and carry a least a small air of respectability. While traveling on business though he is never without a large knitted scarf or a long jacket with plenty of pockets.


An accomplished mage and graduate of E.A.C.H, William is more than capable of casting a multitude of spells, hexes, transmutations, and the like. He also is a bit of a wiz (no pun intended) when it comes to matters of ancient civilizations, though his particular interest is in the fertile crescent and those other pre-romantic societies.

While not the most physically capable, William got through gym classes just fine and keeps a relatively regular schedule of jogs, runs, and if he's feeling particularly bold, stops to the gym.


Material component pouch, plenty of books on ancient civilizations and languages, reading glasses (for that very fine print), and a pair of glasses for protection from the sun...and other things


Peddled Bicycle to get around town


In the classroom, William is professional and passionate about learning. He tries to pass on his experiences and knowledge to students, even though he is only a TA at the moment. Always quick with a joke or an offer of insight, he enjoys teaching as much as he enjoys his weekend job as a tour guide of the town.

Outside work and the class he is still passionate, but much more relaxed and jokey with those around him. He is especially relaxed in his language, dropping much of his academic vocabulary for more common verbiage and axioms.

He is fascinated by ancient civilizations and the powers they held, and believes they can be a powerful tool in the right hands, but more importantly teach us so much about the past.


Borne to two unexceptional mages who did their best to live normal mundane lives in the real world, William did not seem destined to have anything beyond a normal life. It was only due to the intervention of his grandfather and his study of the ancient arcane that William was ever truly even aware of his abilities. He spent many a night as a young child sitting on his grandfather's knee as he conjured images of ferocious mythical beasts and the adventurers who would defeat them. As he outgrew the lap, he would take any chance that he had to peruse the study of books and tomes of magical knowledge.

His parents never understood his desire to learn magic at such a voracious rate, even as he actively applied to magical academies around the world with the help of his grandfather. They helped where they could of course, ensuring that for every bit of spell he learned he also learned how to spell, every creature codex consumed was met with a science or math book where they could slip it into the pile.

As a legacy student of E.A.C.H he had no trouble getting in to the school. Here his learning of the arcane and ancient were propelled to areas that he would not have thought possible. It was also during his time here that his grandfather passed, leaving a sizable hole in William's life. He filled it with yet more learning, and a desire to see the world and make his grandfather proud.

After many years of study, and much time abroad in the Middle east and Indus valley, with a few excursions to other areas of ancient repute 'just to see what it has to offer', William has returned to his alma mater. He now currently is working on a graduate program for his Doctorate in Ancient Arcane Civilizations but splits his time as a TA between historical classes and practical magics, or as he prefers to call it, 'How to not be burned at the stake'.

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