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Summary: Half-German, half-Indian powerlifting chemist. Makes bodies and makes them disappear.

Monika Niharika

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Gender: Female

Age: 45

Group: Hunters

Physical Appearance

Stocky, muscular woman with a wide face and a hooked nose. Bronzed skin owing to Indian heritage on her mother's side. Silvery white hair. Scar below her right eye. Sometimes mistaken for a man or a transwoman, but is really just that butch.


Making bodies disappear
Improvised weaponry
Heavy lifting


Small laboratory for egg-bomb and pellet creation for common monsters (mixtures of chemicals and occult materials for hunting different creatures
Bigger laboratory at home for creating new types of chem-occult ammo, as well as body disposal.
Wide array of chemicals and occult materials


Beat up Dodge pick up truck with a tuned-up engine and a magically warded lid over the bed.


Gruff and occasionally crass due to spending 25 years almost exclusively around hunters. Not much of a talker. Practical to a fault, doesn’t empathize well. Yet, always prepared to help if help is required.


Born to a German father and an Indian mother, Monika grew up in Hamburg alongside her younger brother without much of a care. She was already pretty butch as a girl, but the doctor didn’t consider it anything to worry about. It did get her bullied at school, particularly high school and as a result her parents, who were big proponents of self-reliance and self-defense, pushed her to train in judo and kickboxing.

She did well in STEM classes and was already preparing for a higher education in that direction when the entire family's fate changed on a dime. On a family trip to a nature reserve in Poland, a creature emerged from the nearby lake. It attacked and bit her mother. Only she and Monika's father ever saw it clearly, but her father described it as green, translucent and walking on two legs, with red bulbous eyes and needle-like teeth. He managed to chase it off, and it escaped into the watery depths.

The bite refused to heal, and over the course of the next 3 years Monika saw her mother slowly waste away while all the doctors of Germany failed to diagnose the problem. Monika herself studied biochemistry feverishly, hoping to come up with a cure herself. At the end of his rope, her father delved into the supernatural and conspiracy theories, trying to find mention of the creature in mythology and occultism. His search led to a Hunter from the US, and in a desperate move, father relocated the four of them to a small house in Tennessee when Monika was 19. He got in touch with the Hunter, Malcolm Smith, and they tried a variety of occult medicine, using the network provided by the Wayward for information, though the specific creature they'd found was undocumented. Monika, on the other hand, continued her studies in community college, convinced that she could find the solution to her mother's illness that way.

Monika’s mother sadly passed away before either the Hunters or Monika could find a cure. Her father’s goal changed from healing to revenge, convincing the Malcolm to train him as a Hunter as well. Monika was dead set against it, but her father did not budge. Malcolm begrudgingly agreed, as the Hunters have always been short-staffed for good reason, though he considered revenge a bad motivator.

At first, her father only went out with Malcolm, but he increasingly started going out on his own, every creature seeming to fuel his thirst for revenge rather than quench it. Monika was forced to split her time between her studies and taking care of her brother, as her father's time more and more was split between work, sleep and hunting.

A little over a year since her mother passed, Monika got home from college to find her home in bloody ravage. Her father had been infected by a werewolf he had hunted. He had been away from home so often no one had noticed, and he had failed to restrain himself enough. Her brother never had a chance when their father turned while they were both in the house. The one who ultimately put him down, after a hunt that took several hours, was Malcolm.

Malcolm took in Monika and introduced her to the Wayward. With her still-growing knowledge of biochemistry and unshakeable sense of duty, she quickly became an asset to the Wayward, expanding the knowledge of the supernatural through scientific experiment and designing chemical weaponry to fight them. Determined to fight the monsters that took her family from her with science, she finished her studies while Malcolm taught her how to defend herself.

She now owns a chicken farm in Nebraska, just a few minutes drive from the nearest Wayward. Her use of eggs as incubators and vessels for her chemical bombs has earned her the nickname “Egg” among American hunters. She is frequently called upon to haul bodies away when hunters kill anything that doesn’t turn to dust, and on occasion, hauling dead hunters when it otherwise risks exposure of the supernatural.

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Image of Monika Niharika
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