This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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Welcome to Something Wicked

This game is Moderated by Winters & Blitzen.

This place takes place modern day in the US, and in the fictional city of Emerlan Harbor - a popular tourist spot on the North East Coast. (More about that later) For this game, we’ve taken some elements from shows such as Supernatural, Grimm, Dresden Files, Warehouse 13 and a few others.

We look forward to RPing with you, but we do have some rules and character creation advice we ask that you take a look through before making your toon.

1.This game is open to almost any kind of character with a link to the supernatural with one stipulation: You cannot play a baseline human. You CAN play a human hunter, or a human learning to hunt.

2. Any character under the age of 18 without a legal guardian will be sent to the Emeran Academy in Emerlen Harbor, NJ. They’ll take good care of you - but don’t expect to hunt.

3. Since the majority of the story will center around retrieving cursed artifacts from the Emerlan Academy of Culture and Humanities or hunting rogue ‘monsters’ - we ask that you keep this in mind while creating your character.

4. You can make or play a ‘monster’ - a witch, a demon, a mage, a vampire, shapeshifter, etc but the purpose of the game again is to retrieve lost or stolen artifacts and to hunt monsters. You will need a REASON for doing so.

5. The mods have ‘leads’ for your character, but if you want to run a story of your own, we ask that you please run it by us first. We LOVE to kick around story ideas and make them airtight as possible, we might even have twists to add! We’re very accessible by Google Hangouts or Discord, and we’re friendly as hell, promise!

6.No Godmodding. Nobody likes to play with someone who cannot be defeated and has no vulnerabilities. Van Helsing need not apply. We’re taking great care to set up situations that everyone can participate in, meaning if you can solve the ‘problem’ in one post without assistance from anyone else, you’re likely Godmodding. If you are Godmodding or in general making the game an unpleasant experience for others, you may be removed from the game. This isn’t to say that your character has to be liked. In-character drama/clashes is expected and even encouraged. The moderators will Mod-mod, meaning we will make NPC characters who are stronger, know more, or have more experience. No one is invincible, and if you play too powerful, we’ll send in an NPC to knock your toon down a few pegs.

7. Consequences! This game will provide consequences. Depending on what you do, you may get more than a slap on the wrist. The mods reserve the right to provide consequences. Get in one too many fights at the Midnight Special? You might find yourself banned. Tick off a witch? You may not like the results.

8. Be good to each other and have fun. Play your own character and let others play theirs. If someone uses your character briefly in a way you don't approve of odds are they didn’t mean to be an a-hole. Remain calm and email them for corrections or ask a Mod to intervene. There’s no need to call anyone out in public. OOC drama may lead to your removal from the game.

9. These rules are subject to change; the purpose is to help establish guidelines and make an enjoyable experience for everyone (mods included!)


Email us. Make sure not to include the underscores.

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