Taste It Part 1 (Montana)

The Dynamic skinwalking duo trail up the mountain following their noses. The scent of the supernatural human eating buzzard of death’s scent growing strong as the got closer and closer to what seemed to be its home turf.
Caden chuffed and tossed his big wolf head to get Kit’s attention. Probably a bear, my ass, he thought. These are going to be a bitch to kill.

The sulfuric smell of singed fur was lodged in Caden’s nose as he dressed on his side of the car. “Well,” he said, zipping up his jeans. “That was… horrible. You all good?”

Kit was busy sounding like he was coughing up a hairball. “I think … >hacking noise< … I >cough< … swallowed >dry heave< … a feather … feathers … I dunno but it ain’t sitting well …” He said digging around for some water. “Damned … >hurk<... harpies.”

Rose and Lilac looked equally exhausted. It had been an adventure for them there may have been a rabbit involved but no one was saying anything.

Caden chuckled. “You always did have a weak constitution, little brother. Remember the time with that blackberry brandy? What did that waitress call you? Vesuvius?”

“That …>gulp<...” He said drinking down the bottle. “ … was a BOTTLE of LIES!” He said defending his inability to drink like a normal human being. “It tasted NOTHING like brandy!” He grumbled. “Besides I didn’ see you ripping out hearts with your teeth.”

“Do you know how hard it is to start a fire without opposable thumbs?” His brother shot back, taking his own bottle of water from the cooler. “But -- at least it’s over. What do you say while we’re out this way, we take the pups, spend a few days camping out? We deserve a few days off.”

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