Taste It Part 2 (Montana)

“Somewhere with no lighting, please … and no bears … or harpies.” Kit requested dryly, digging around for a shirt. “Ugh … I’m never going to get the taste of harpy out my mouth.”

“You think that’s bad,” Caden said sliding into the car. “I’m going to have to hear you whine about it. Know who whines, Kit?”

“Harpies? Baby Harpies?” Kit said snickering. “Also … harpy did NOT taste like chicken.” He said settling int he car. The pups made themselves at home curling up for a nap.

“We’ll make a supply run, get you some blackberry brandy, wash the taste right out.” Caded ribbed his brother, just as his cell phone indicated he had a message incoming. Holding it up, he swore under his breath. “Shit. Well, change of plans, Kit, campout’s gonna have to wait. It looks like we’re heading to the Big Easy.”

“What? Seriously? What about the girl's?” Sure they had a good connection with them but you try putting a collar on a wolf as see how that pans out! “Why a city job? Don’t they have human hunters for that?” He said scrunching his nose. It was … an unusual request, for them at least.

“I don’t know, Kit, you want to call and ask? Be my guest. Otherwise, if we get pulled in - you know it’s for a reason. The girls will be fine on the ranch, you know they’ll be looked after. Besides, hopefully, it’s just a short run.”

Kit just made a grump noise. Having the girls around was in his opinion and another set of eyes watching there back. Worse, the humidity! “Fine but we are so getting crawfish.” It was possibly the only thing he liked about the area.

“All the crawfish you can eat. That’ll get the harpy taste out of your mouth.” Caden promised as he put the car in drive. “Next stop, skinwalker ranch.”

“Yee-haw.” Kit said with the minimum amount of excitement required.

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