Liquid Anatomy - The Wayward

"Here ya go," Devin told Egg, setting the plate in front of her. "Double scramble on rye, double cheese, hold the bacon. Listen, when you're finished, last run went less than ideal. We have one in the basement, a duffel bag full of --" She drew a line across her throat with her finger. "We were fresh out of fangs, soon as we pull and grind them, if you could do your thing, it'd be appreciated. Few of the Jersey hunters have a barn full they're cleaning up. Gonna be a busy night in the basement."

Monika nodded. "Duffel of vamp domes shouldn't be too hard. I'll make the acid with water blessed with a silver cross and put some pressure on the vat. They'll be cocktails by tomorrow. How long do you need for the dentistry?"

She tucked into the food as the Tiroler elder conversed with Devin. She wasn't entirely sure she was the only vegetarian Hunter, but she had not yet seen evidence to the contrary. Her mom had even considered veganism when Monika was in her teens, but it seems cheese addiction ran in the family. Even now, Monika still adhered to paneer Tuesdays, though she had a soft spot for the semi-plastic orange cheese of the US, as a guilty pleasure.

She snorted as Sigmund said the word 'handy', and tasted eggs in the back of her nasal cavity. She pulled out her phone without pausing her chewing, unlocked it, and put it on the counter. "Here," she said over a mouthful of food before Devin had the chance to fetch the bar phone. "Just don't use up all my minutes."

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