A New Job

After the knight had left, Alec bid Monika a pleasant farewell. While he would have loved to catch up on what he had missed, his body demanded rest in a proper bed.
Leaving the Wayward brought on a sense of unease. He was far from anyone he knew, so if anything happened, he was on his own.
Alec spent a few minutes laying in the back of his jeep, to anyone else he looked dazed and possibly drugged, when he was actually readjusting his mind.
He wasn’t in the woods anymore.
He needed to be in civilian mode.
Not everything that moved was a monster...
That last bit was always the hardest to convince himself of.
Starting the old vehicle, he drove to the nearby inn.
With little sleep and strong coffee, Alec entered the Wayward ready to take on a new mission.
As if challenged by the universe, his eyes focused on a single word.

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