Food for Thought (Wayward, Morning)

Hannah yawned as the Wayward was starting up for the morning. “I see someone is having an early start.” The witch said ruefully at the chalkboard. “Since you guys seem like eager beavers … here are today's specials.” Hannah grinned writing the latest info and leads on the board, adding to Gi-Gi’s request.


Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the delay but you know, life, monkey and wrenches. Anyway moving forward with some adventure and plots!

Sigmund, Alec, Monika

Alec you have gotten word of something in the woods around Mt. Mansfield, Vermont. There have been 4 deaths and 8 disappearances this past week alone. For now it’s been blamed on bears but a little homework will reveal there is a pattern of disappearances in deaths. Sigmund should join you on this; it would be a great intro to North American Bump in the Night 101. Monika, Alec is renowned for his Windego hunting, you have some fireball specials in need of testing and if you ride along there could be some fabulous parts you can further experiment on if they take it down without burning it to a crisp.

Guys you have a couple options! Either we the Mods can play along as the baddie and mod the adventure for you OR we can give you plot points and feed you info as you go but for the most part let you guys have some fun with us being more hands off? Let us know!

Genevive, Randall Jan, River

Randall is joining your hunt for a Rugaru. Jan will bring to the table some hunting experience and Hannah has asked Rigo if you can borrow River. In spite of her age Hannah assures you she knows a few tricks and is very knowledgeable in regards to the supernatural.

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