Song of the North

Alec felt a familiar buzzing from his pocket, interrupting his awaited answers and adding to a very interesting morning. Bringing out an old phone, the model he had forgotten, Alec saw the name of a long time informant.
Hey Alec, scouting through the newspapers and saw this lovely tidbit. Naturally thought of you.
He grazed over the photos sent before putting the phone back. He would go in depth later, but all the signs were there.
"Monika, you heard anything about bear attacks in Vermont? I could use your help in the matter, being low on "firepower" at the moment."
Thinking of another hunt was less than desirable, he had been hoping for a couple days peace. Perks of the job.
He remembered Sigmund's reasons for being here, offering the Order's aid and such. He smiled at the thought of giving the man a proper welcome to the States.

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