I'll String Your Fingers Round My Waist (Day 2 - Morning - Wayward)

Casual profanity never ceased to amaze her. The - woman she decided after a moment's uncertainty - the woman was standing close enough to read the binder over the nun's shoulder. Habit made her reach to close it until she remembered that the Wayward was different from other places. Genevive still didn't quite grasp the full nature of its peculiarity but that didn't stop her from appreciating its utility and the safe haven it offered. Well, purported to offer, the nun had no idea what sort of protections it actually afforded or what was in place to enforce those protections. She should ask Hannah or Devin or Jan when she saw them again.

Maybe even River. That child was far too smart to be underestimated though Genevive seriously worried about what she was reading and learning without thought given to should she be reading and learning it at her age. It wasn't about River's intellect it was about her emotional well being and her soul. A brilliant child was still a child and Genevive was afraid the people around River forgot that or let the girl's intelligence bully them out of the child's way.

"The evidence seems to suggest so," she told Monika and turned the binder around so it would face towards an empty seat, inviting the silver haired woman to join her. "Perhaps you and -" she was interrupted by the loud call across the room. "And Alec," Genevive continued, adding him to the invitation, "would be able to lend the benefit of your experience? I'd thought to ask Randall and Jan to spearhead the extermination while I provided support." What sort of support remained to be seen but Genevive had an almost personal interest in this situation. "There's a mother and child involved," her eyes spoke of the empathy she felt for their situation, "and it would be best if the - what used to be the husband and father simply disappeared."

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