Black Fire Upon Us - The Wayward

The young woman seemed genial enough, though there was a stiffness to her that Monika associated with the overly religious. The cross around her neck seemed to confirm that. Of course, a cross among Hunters were as common as loafers among 50 year old businessmen; it was practically a given, and Monika usually had a small silver cross in her back pocket. But this woman was new to the Wayward, and didn't yet have the air of a Hunter. For one, she still put stock in a single religion.

"Perhaps you and -" Genevive was interrupted when Monika called for Alec across the room. "And Alec," Genevive continued, adding him to the invitation, "would be able to lend the benefit of your experience? I'd thought to ask Randall and Jan to spearhead the extermination while I provided support." What sort of support remained to be seen but Genevive had an almost personal interest in this situation. "There's a mother and child involved," her eyes spoke of the empathy she felt for their situation, "and it would be best if the - what used to be the husband and father simply disappeared."

Monika thought it through as Alec made his introductions and was subsequently distracted by his phone. Genevive was not the only one with heightened sensitivity toward parents and children involved in something this gruesome. But for the extermination itself, if Randall and Jan were already handling that, the best she could do was arming them beforehand and removing the remains afterwards.

"Monika, you heard anything about bear attacks in Vermont? I could use your help in the matter, being low on "firepower" at the moment."

"Am I the belle of the ball today?" she said with mock snootiness and snorted. "Alright Miss, tell you what. Get Randall to ask Hannah behind the counter there for the phosphorous ammo. I'll get a case from downstairs and leave it behind the bar with her. Tell him to read the fucking manual because if he doesn't he's gonna set all of you on fire instead and phosphorus is an absolute piece of shit if you mishandle it. Also, give me a call if anything is left after you're done with it."

She turned to Alec. "Bear attacks, huh? Wendigo you reckon? Hang on, give me 5 minutes to sort this lady out and I'll tag along. Let me know if you need anything from the basement."

She looked at Genevive again. "Name's Monika, by the way, but a lot of people here call me Egg for... various reasons. Any questions?"

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