Over my Heart I'll Wear a Brooch with a Lock of Hair

"River, good morning," she rose and bent - just a little bit - to give the child a prolonged hug. The moment the girl got squirmy she let go but held it as long as possible, knowing how crucial physical contact was for a child's mental health and overall happiness. "Thank you for brightening my day." She pulled a chair out for the girl and took her own before looking up at Jan.

"Hello, Jan. Please," she indicated the seat on her left and pushed the binder over to where it would be in front of him after he sat. "Monika, or Egg as she told me some call her, anyway she asked me to inform you there's a box of phosphorous ammunition behind the bar with Hannah and to please be sure and read the instructions."

"As a matter of fact," she turned and looked at River. "River, I wonder if I can trust you to go get it from Hannah, go over the instructions thoroughly, and then come back with it and teach Jan what he needs to know? I know I couldn't trust any other girl your age to do it but I have every confidence in you." Gigi looked at River with an expectant school teacher smile.

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