Heads I win, Tails you lose (The Wayward)

Jan snickered as River scampered off, before turning his attention back to a quarter he was spinning between his thumbs on the table, keeping mental count to how many times it fell to heads or tails.

"The only way to kill a rugaru --" he said without raising his eyes, "is fire. I'm... not to sure Willie Pete would do the trick," He told the nun. Tails. "If you want, River and I can take care of it." Heads. "I mean, I know you're kinda... you know, new to this and all," Heads. "Should be a piece of cake really." Tails "You can distract them pretty easy with bait, and then --" Tails. He forgot for a second he was talking to a nun, not one of the hunters that frequented the bar. She might not yet have that callous yet, the one that let you talking about taking something out without feeling any pangs about it. Tails.

"It wouldn't be any trouble is what I'm saying," he offered. Heads. "Honest. And you could stay here and help out in case anyone needs" Heads "Biblical stuff."

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