Jump in the Pool (The Wayward)

Jan rubbed a hand through his hair, trying to suppress a smirk as he let the nun have his quarter. "I was going to be the bait," he said, sitting back in his chair. "River knows a lot more than people give her credit for. And honestly - sheltering her won't do her any favors. The more you try? The more she's going to want to help, and personally? I'd rather her be with someone who is going to watch out for her than have her sneak out and try something crazy alone, like..." he paused for a brief second, "you know, like kids tend to do. Kind of like swimming. You have a pool, is it safer to teach someone to swim, or would you just hope they never jump in?"

He tilted his head to the side to study her while she answered. He wasn't concerned about her mettle, she proved that on the vampire hunt. Sure she was as green as Ireland itself, but so was nearly everyone at some point. It was also - not that he'd ever admit it - adorable that she was forbidding River of all people from going on a hunt. But this was important to the nun, and gadji or no- he wouldn't cross -- a member of the cross.

"She will be okay, " he offered. "I promise, I will protect her. I also promise we will have a much higher chance of success."

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