Walkin to New Orleans (New Orleans)

New Orleans. Caden’s hackles were raised from the moment their tires touched the city, and walking around was doing little to soothe his uneasiness with The Big Easy. He didn’t so much mind the crowds, but New Orleans had an all around ominous feel to it. And the humidity! The car would smell like damp wolf for weeks! One look towards his brother told him that Kit was none too happy about the latest ‘lead’ either.

“So... “ He said, happy that Kit’s pups weren’t suffering the sweltering Louisiana weather. “What’s our play? Scare him off the trail? Wild goose chase? What are you in the mood for?”

“Depends on how much in the know he is or how tenacious he is. I think we follow him around, snoop a bit. If he’s just stumbling along we can wild goose chase him but if he is too close to the truth … a good scare might be needed.” Kit reasoned. “What’s so great about New Orleans again?” He asked not seeing the allure. Kit felt so far out of his element. Overly populated, awful weather and wet … the whole place was wet with no relief.

“Wine, Women and Song?” Caden asked with a shrug, as they passed the third club boasting the best Jazz that side of the Mississippi. “Don’t worry, we’ll be out before you know it. You want to go get yourself a tattoo or something while I ask around?”

“A tattoo? Really.” Kit said giving his brother an oblique look. “How about I just get us lunch.” There had been the promise of crawfish. “Don’t want that scary injun intimidating folk with his injuness.” Kit said with something between a laugh and a snort. Facts were facts though. Caden was a people person.

“It’s the eyes,” Caden declared with a nod, pointing to his own. Their mother had the same eyes, one good stare and he was confessing to things he didn’t even do. Probably. “And that’s a good idea, you go score some lunch, and I… “ He pointed to a rickety looking shack with a bright neon sign proclaiming Palms Read, Fortunes Told … “ Will go see what old Ms. Cromwell has for us.”

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