On the Road Again

With Monika onboard with this new job, Alec reached for his journal and flipped to a page he knew by heart. Looking through the list of Wendigo hunt provisions and preferred weaponry, he was pleased to note that the bolts were the only thing that he couldn't make or get himself.
"Other than bolts and any other flammable goodies you can cook up, the only thing I need is your help in initiating the hunter we met yesterday. Figured you would make a better talking companion as well."
Going over the list once more to be sure he hadn't missed anything, he replaced it in his pocket and eased himself out of his chair. He spied his nearly forgotten breakfast on its way out of the kitchen and stopped the waitress.
"I apologize, but could I get this to go?"
He always apologized out of habit, even though most of his civilized eating was in the Wayward. He hoped it was an appreciated gesture.
"Alright Egg, I have some supplies to get before I get, but let me know when and where you leave. I'll get things set up- Oh! Nearly forgot. The place is Mt. Mansfield. If I make it there ahead of you I will scout out a good workplace and see what I can find."
Holding the burning hot styrofoam that covered his omelet, he gave a casual salute to Monika before leaving the Wayward.
During the disturbing devouring of his meal, Alec sent a message to his new friend.
Rise and shine, Ritterkaptin. Figured if you were offering your services, I could offer a proper American hunt. On the move to Mt. Mansfield, Vermont if you are interested.
With that, he closed the to-go-box and tossed it onto his passenger seat, then brought his beloved Jeep to life and started the trip towards Vermont.

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