The Civilized World Pt. 1

A chill breeze from the Great Lakes snapped Alec to attention as he drove towards his destination. He had been busy planning for this hunt, hoping to find a hut or cabin somewhere out of the town to work in and then stocking up on supplies in case things went wrong. Not only that, but he needed to plan for two others, though he had not heard back from the Orderman since he had sent his offer.
Looking over at the expanse of water, Alec couldn't help but smile at its beauty. He hadn't been to his cabin since he had set out on his latest run and it was moments like this that he wished to be there, in his own bubble of calm and serenity.
Once again lost in thought, this time it was his arm that brought him back. The dull ache that promised more agitation if not rested.
Once again, his thoughts turned to darker memories.
Before he could follow THAT rabbit hole however, a blaring horn shook him out of it. Looking to its source, he could feel his breakfast ready to evacuate as he drew dangerously close to another car, nearly forcing it off the road
Attempting to quickly move, he couldn't hold back several swears as he realized that he had yet to relieve his arm. It now refused to comply, loosely gripping the wheel in its tingling ignorance. His right arm shot to the wheel, only to find himself ready to fly off the road. Several fishtail maneuvers and prayers for his Jeep to work as intended led him to a small patch of dirt off the road. If he had driven by this spot in better condition, he would have seen it as a nice place to pull over for a quick nap. With the mixed terror of the moment and months of poor sleep, he didn't see anything past the floorboard as sweat dripped from his face.
The panicked driving had spiked the pain in his arm, only adding to the stress of the moment. He concluded to take this time to get some definitely needed sleep, but this thought was blown away as the same car he almost wrecked skidded to a halt next to him. A tall, average built man slammed his door and marched around to Alec's window.
"Hey! Asshole! You nearly killed me!"
Rushing his breathing exercises, he rolled his window down just a crack in case of a confrontation.
"I am so sorry, sir. I can pay for any damages th-"
“You are NOT buying your way outta this, I’m calling the cops!"
Able to look at the man closely now, Alec noted the ruffled suit, as well as a patch of red skin on his forehead. He must have hit his head when trying to swerve out of the way.
"Please sir, the police don't need to be involved. Like I-"
This response only served to further enrage. Veins bulged and brown eyes almost popped as spit sprayed on the window.
"Get the fuck out of the car!"
A fist smacked the window, making it shudder. When his desired response did not occur, the yelling became louder and several more thumps followed. Equating Alec’s silence to being ignored, this treatment intensified around the vehicle without knowledge of its true effect.
The initial strike had brought a jump out of Alec, his mind not fully out of the northern woods.
I am not in the woods
He began his reconditioning mantra, only for each thump to draw him further into those dreaded hunting grounds.
It is a civilian. Not everything that moves is a monster
Each word that roared out of the man sounded more and more like an animal. Like a mockery of a human.
Like a wendigo.

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