The Civilized World Pt. 2

The sweat that had coated Alec stopped. While his heart was still racing, a blank shadow came over him as he calmly popped the door open and waited.
Thinking he had won, the man came around to wrench the door open, rounding the driver's side of the hood. Reaching for the handle, it instead swung hard, meeting his hand with a sickening crunch.
The motion caught him off-guard, bending forward in pain before the door then smacked his head, scuffing the pristine blue jeans as they scraped the ground.
"What the fu-aaaAAAAAAH"
Alec's thick boot pressed hard on the ankle it was placed, the elder rubbing his left shoulder with complete calm. The fiery temper of the driver wavered as they met eyes and he faced down the cold glare of a hunter.
"I sincerely apologize. You see, my arm has been rather off since an accident from my youth. That and some sleepless nights added with a rather long drive has made my driving rather hazardous, I admit."
Tilting his head to the side, Alec seemed to ponder some calculations before stomping the ankle. An audible pop signaled the foot's dislocation.
Before a sound could be made to protest the attack, a thick calloused fist cracked against the man's nose. Alec lifted his boot only to plant a kick square in the chest, it's recipient gasping for air as he struggled to stay upright. This was made pointless as the weathered boot now pressed down on the sternum, several pops adding to the strained cries.
Leaning down to slap his face so that he looked back at the hunter, Alec glared at his captive with a curious fury. He used the same hand to cover the man's pleas, then spoke slowly and deliberately.
"Like I said, I will pay for any damages as long as the police are not involved. I hope we can come to such an agreement?"
Whimpering from his injuries, the only communication managed by the defeated driver was a tense nodding.
"Thank you."
Returning to his Jeep, Alec grabbed a box from beneath the driver's seat. Heaving himself back in and starting the engine, he tossed a small roll of bills onto the ground and pulled away.

Back on the road, the sweat returned with force. Alec's right arm now shook as it gripped the steering wheel and his whole body shuddered. He allowed a few more miles to pass before his brakes were put to the test at an empty truck stop.
I am not in the woods
I am a normal civilian
There are no monsters here

Trembling, he recited these words in his mind while shuddered breath did nothing to help soothe his nerves. Gradually, the trees retreated from his mind and he couldn’t stop the tears that came.

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