The Civilized World Pt. 3

In a motel room, Alec laid out supplies on the cheap blankets. He hadn’t heard from Monika or Sigmund and now assumed he would be working alone. He would need to find the Wayward to be sure.
For the umpteenth time he checked off what he had and made sure of what he needed.
More fire bolts.
More napalm.
More flares.
Satisfied with the list for now, he moved to a small table where more supplies lay. His focus was on his journal and the newest entry.
Not only do the wendigo’s somehow possess the ability to pass on their hunger to victims that somehow survive an attack or are marked, but it seems they can pass a madness to their killers. Hallucinations along with a form of mania to return the sufferer to the place of their death.
Auditory hallucinations distort sounds to resemble the wendigo’s call and mimicry. First hand account by Alec Henderson.

Taking a heavy swig from an unmarked bottle, he closed the journal and prepared for another uneasy night.

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